Malaysia Tatler 25th Anniversary Ball / #MYTatlerBall2014

November 03, 2014

On Saturday evening the movers, shakers, and the haute monde of Malaysia flocked to the Shangri-La hotel in Kuala Lumpur for the pinnacle event of Malaysian high society: The Malaysia Tatler Ball.
Malaysia Tatler describes itself as embodying 'The Spirit Of High Society', verily, any social stalwart will insist that the annual ball is the indisputable social event of the year. Malaysia's elite receive the covetable formal invitation, delivered by hand, embossed in silver with their names in delicate calligraphy. It is rumoured that some undesirables, desperate for one of the sought-after invitations, have tried to bribe their way into this most exclusive celebration of Malaysia's elite and social favourites. Understandably so, for one night every year, Kuala Lumpur sees possibly the biggest gathering of high-fliers, achievers, and impressive lineages that you can possibly fit into one ballroom. This year I invited Henry to come with me to the annual ball and witness for himself the workings of my world and that of Malaysia's creme de la creme. And with this blog post and these photos I offer you a glimpse into the gilded and glittering soiree that has come to personify and define the spirit of high society.

Descending into the ballroom of the Shangri-La, the chosen ones (so much nicer than saying 'guests', yah?) wait for their turn on the red (black) carpet. Ladies standing in front of me were wary of my clumsy, misstepped, feet in all their stiletto-clad danger getting caught in the trains of their beautiful gowns. I must have wrecked at least three that night, so terribly sorry, please accept my heartfelt apologies. 

With the father and the birth-giver, the two people tasked with the arduous job of raising me and keeping me in line. No small feat given my temper and unreasonable demands, yet somehow my parents have no need for the age-reversing effects of Botox. Oh to be eternally youthful looking, although I assure you their naturally fresh facade conceals their hopes at getting closer to the dream: that Henry will marry me and my petulance will become his problem instead of theirs. HA!

My dad: "Please take her off our hands...please...please." I'm only joking! I know they love me.

This year Malaysia Tatler celebrates 25 years of excellence, achievements, and the finer things in life.

No I'm not engaged, I just swapped my ring over to my left hand because my usual finger was getting a champagne rash. I can't drink wine, so Henry had to have all the glasses that came with my courses, and also polish off my champagne glass which seemed to be never-ending. You turn away for a second and your empty glass is topped up with ice-cold bubbly. Where do I get one of these magic glasses? I know a few people who would love one.

Seared hokkaido bay scallop carpaccio with caviar dungeness crab and 25 year young balsamic vinaigrette, paired with Moet & Chandon Imperial. Delicate, delicious, and beautifully presented. Followed by a too-salty (and hence unphotographed) salmon consomme 'noire' with saffron shrimp quenelles, whose saving grace was the accompanying glass of Moet & Chandon.

We cleansed our palates with blood orange sherbet with jasmine tea jelly.

And I moved on to my main of 25 hours braised wagyu beef short rib with truffle croquettes, milk fed dutch veal tenderloin with morel espuma, glazed baby carrots and crispy parsnip. 

Dinner ended on a high note, with a milk chocolate and hazelnut praline delight and the most deliciously gooey warm soft chocolate biscuit and macadamia nut ice cream. Paired with Hennessy X.O, on the rocks, naturally. 

While this year's menu was less poeticall descriptive as the Oriental inspired offerings of 2012's Malaysia Tatler Ball it was no less delicious nor less well-presented, and for the efforts of the chef and his team I am grateful and would like to offer my thanks to.

Spotted mummy and I on the screen yonder. 

Here, the real thing.

Henry and his two new best friends who launched into a spirited discussion about West Ham, East London, and post-Olympics-gentrification.

While the rest of Malaysia's most beautiful and brightest danced the night away in a bright, dazzling flurry of jewels and ball gowns, my family, Henry, and I slipped away from the afterparty and went to bed early, Henry wondering it was all a dream and myself smiling, knowing that life itself is the dream. x


  1. Yaaay the Tatler Ball post! I particularly love your mermaid dress; the photo of Henry and his new bros looking staunch with cigars; and the cheeky one of your Mum cuttin' sik on the dancefloor :)

    1. "Cuttin' silk" may be my new favourite phrase! Thank you! x

  2. I've loved your Instagram posts leading up to the ball so I'm so glad to see it was a resounding success :) You and your mum are such beauties - I love both of your dresses! Love that Henry decided to take the debauched ball-attendee look to a new level by lighting up a cigar. x

    1. Thank you! Malaysia Tatler loved my pre-ball Instagrams too, they did an article about my photos! x

  3. So what is, in your opinion; the "Spirit of High Society" and what does this event celebrate?

    1. Why, 'fancy living' of course. ;) You know, everything I mentioned above. x

  4. Your mom is a beauty; you have much to look forward to in the future. Your jewelry was fabulous, but...honey, sideways toes creeping over the front edge of your shoes is a "no-go."