Chilling at Chiltern and meandering around Mayfair.

November 23, 2014

God, I love autumn: wool coats, hats and gloves to match, Stuart Weitzman 5050 knee high boots, the contrast of a cold face in the brisk air and a warm body wrapped in snuggly sheepskin... I'm ever so glad that summer is over and believe me, I'm not exaggerating (in fact, I find that when I am as content as I am right now I tend to play things down, smile sagely even in the face of attempted provocation, and just generally waltz through life in a zen-like state) when I say that I d-e-t-e-s-t the heat. I've lived in both a tropical paradise (Malaysia) and in one with four seasons (England), and I find cold weather much preferable to hot weather. When it's too cold, you simply wear more layers.  But what are you going to do when it's too hot? Peel off your skin? Exactly. In Kuala Lumpur a typical day out would be: composing the perfect 'outfit of the day' only to change into loose, baggy clothing and flip flops, then driving my air-conditioned car from my air-conditioned hangout home to a air-conditioned hangout spot. No thanks to the Malaysian heat, I'd never be able to just walk around in Kuala Lumpur as I do in London. Wandering around Mayfair, kicking up crunchy golden leaves, smoking cigarettes and chatting absentmindedly, looking for the perfect spot for taking photos before nipping into Chiltern Firehouse for lunch...this is the (lush's) dream. And it is my reality. That is, until winter comes along and renders everything unbearably bitter.    

Doing my best impression of Paddington Bear in a red vintage coat I was supposed to model for Regimental Vintage but got distracted instead. Hat, handbag, and pearl choker are from Zara.

Henry looking dapper in a vintage Gucci tweed jacket, available on Regimental Vintage.

Crab donut.

Grilled leek (in the background) and squid.

Steak tartare for me, naturally. My first since I've been back in London.

And an ambitious four puddings for dessert...

Milk and honey: milk ice-cream with honeycomb.


Pecan pie, how very autumn.

And frozen pannacotta, flambéd for a meringue like outer shell, with apple (?) ice shavings.

T'was an especially chilly day, and I had to wrap myself in at least two wool blankets by the fireplace. Could we have more fire at Chiltern Firehouse? Thanks.

The worst time to 'give up' taxis is in much as I love the crisp, cold weather there's a fine line between brisk and brittle. God knows that London weather not so much treads that fine line but jumps up and down on it like a demented fat child on a trampoline. I'm giving up smoking and giving up my 'five Uber cars a day' habit...wish me luck. x 

Photo credits: 5, 7, 8, and 19

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