Turning a pig's ear into a silk purse.

October 31, 2014

...or rather, pedicure my cloven hooves into pretty lotus flowers, and that I did at Spa Village, Ritz-Carlton yesterday.
Yesterday was pretty much a day of remedial work, Henry's and my listless flesh and gnarly skin was in need of a good scrub after a good week of climbing limestone hill caves, traipsing around butterfly parks, and walking across 20 acres of outdoor aviary in the rain at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. So the professionals at Spa Village scrubbed, buffed, polished, and massaged us to within an inch of our lives: I treated Henry to a scrub, massage, and facial despite admonitions that it was all very unmanly while I forgoed the facial (my face is already flawless, thank you) for a pedicure. Three hours later Henry and I emerged refreshed, glowing, and as limber as Jake and Lady Rainicorn. But first, lunch at Shanghai Restaurant 蘇浙苑 at JW Marriott. The hotel's premier restaurant specialises in Shanghai cuisine of which I'm not especially crazy about except for the xiao long bao. But mum and boyfie enjoyed the food, so...

Two women, three bags: I was carrying the Yayoi Kusama x Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote as a beach bag for my swimwear, alas there was yet another thunderstorm and we didn't get to swim at Ritz-Carlton's pool. Also, I know it's a 'health centre' but since when did they ban smoking outdoors? I distinctly remember being given Ritz-Carlton matches for my cigarettes post-lunch by the pool.

Xiao long bao / little dragon buns: steamed parcels of delicious soup that will spray hot, fiery soup all over yourself with one misplaced bite. Proceed with caution.

Some soup dish that I refused to eat until I was assured and promised that it was imitation, not real shark fin.

Lobster noodles.


If you haven't yet been to Spa Village at Ritz-Carlton, I do recommend it. It's a little oasis of tranquility in the heart of noisy, stinking, hectic Kuala Lumpur. While the spa at JW Marriott is completely quiet, being completely indoors, the massage rooms at Ritz-Carlton do lead out to outdoor rainforest showers and baths (hence the slight noise pollution from the city) and of course the swimming pool amidst tropical palms against a backdrop of skyscrapers can be quite surreal at times. 

Photo: Spa Village

Reading my own opinion in an edition of Tatler haha.

If you've been following me on Instagram ---@jasiminne---you'd notice the rather syiok sendiri (self-important) hashtag #JasiminneGoesToTheBall on some of my 'grams...

...like so. These are all my Instagrams, sorry, Tatlergrams, of my preparation for tomorrow's Malaysia Tatler 25th Anniversary Ball, all the way from when I received the invite a month ago till the night of the ball itself. I do think they form quite a cute timeline! I really must get into hashtags more. Now if you'll excuse me, I must dash, there's a newly arrived box of mise en Dior earrings that need Instagramming... x

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