New (and inadvertent) toys.

October 26, 2014

Title says it all: I accidentally found myself in possession of 3 new toys; a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere, iPhone 6, and Canon 600D. 
Allow me to elucidate. The iPhone 6: I was cursing the crappy battery life on my two year old iPhone 5 (have you ever left the house with 97% battery, called an Uber and then had your battery drain to 25% in five minutes? Story of my life) when I get a Whatsapp message from the birth giver: "Got gifted an iPhone 6 I don't need, do you want it?" Oh mother, I love what you don't need, and I need what you don't love. The Louis Vuitton handbag? Well I needed a camera bag for my new DSLR. The Speedy is the perfect shape and size, of which my mother has at least ten variations of, she won't miss it if I nick one. But what of the my new camera, the DSLR, the image capturer and soul-stealer itself? I'm getting to it.

The Canon 600D...well as you may know (probably not, I've never made a mention of it I don't think?) I've been chugging along on the same 450D and cheap 18-55mm lens for the last six years before making a switch to my long-since-stolen Leica D-Lux 5 (God I need to get that replaced). Ever since I have found in my Lumix GF6 a happy medium between compact camera and the option for interchangeable lenses which in my mind reads as 'potential for a come up ie. upgrade options'. And oh, was it time for a come up. I was going to buy a pancake lens for my Lumix, and then I found a Canon DSLR pancake lens for less. DSLR over micro four thirds, no brainer, right? Electronics in Asia are cheaper than in London and I know how to bargain the Malaysian way, so post dinner I had the driver drop me off at Times Square. So determined was I of my one-mindedness to stick to my budget and shopping list that I said to my driver: "I won't be more than twenty minutes, please standby." An hour later I walked out of the camera shop with a new Canon 600D body, prime lens, and a filter...oh yes they saw me coming. In fact I had to be restrained from buying a 7D which I don't even have the upper body strength to lift. It's a bloody miracle I didn't buy half the shop there and then. I blame the delirium of heat exhaustion and jet lag.

Oh, you beautiful little accident. I admit that I bought that filter for the lens because I liked the gold band around it. It matches the hardware on my Speedy.

All early adapters know the struggle of finding fashionable accessories for new phones. Myself, I bought about four new iPhone 5 cases just the day before I found out I was getting an i6...d'oh. Now I find myself refreshing Selfridges, Net-a-Porter et al for any new i6 cases, but always coming away dejected. Makeshift phone protector it is, pass me the cling film. Oh, and here's another story of just how special I am: I've been complaining that the volume of my phone calls on the new i6 is terrible. The sound is so muffled and far away like someone talking to you when your ears are congested on a long flight. Yesterday at dinner I made Arran ring me and I passed him my phone to hear for himself. "You're right the volume is too low! Maybe it's your line? Are you still with Digi? You should switch to Maxis..." etc until Suanne grabbed the phone from him, peeled off the plastic sticker that new iPhones are covered in and sighed: "You doofus! You left the plastic sticker on and it was blocking the speaker the whole time!" Ohhhhhhh. Brains like that, I wonder how I even manage to get dressed in the morning. 

What other accessories should I buy (apart from a new brain) for my new tech toys? Any suggestions of lenses and stylish iPhone 6 cases are very much appreciated, thank you in advance! x


  1. how does anyone relate to you? your lifestyle is so extra!! it makes depressing reading for me sadly... x

    1. Please don't be depressed! You certainly wouldn't be if you saw the unglamorous parts of my life (which no 'lifestyle blogger' would ever blog about) and know about my personal battles. I'm sure there are many aspects of your life that I'd love to have. xx

    2. Wow, what a great reply Jasiminne! Nice to hear bloggers being honest

  2. I adore the Speedy Bandouliere. I used to complain that LV made a Speedy without a proper shoulder strap so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when they revised the old version. The Canon 700D is fab! All that touch screen..... I bought the 60D which is supposedly semi-professional but filming would've been easier if I could just tap on the screen....

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? That shoulder strap is game changing.
      WAIT WHAT the 700D has a touchscreen?
      I bought the 600D.
      *bangs head repeatedly on wall*

    2. ah yes! 700D has a touch screen! Now let all the regrets fill in xD

      I'm mad envious, I bought a four-third camera few months ago (Olympus), and since then I've done a photography class and... now I really want a SLR -_-'' I'm gonna wait until January sales to buy mine, as I'm planning to spend SO.MUCH.MONEY on it T_T

      As for lenses, it all depends of the type of photos you like to take, but my tutor recommended me the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM Lens, as it is a great all-rounder:

      Btw, may I ask what prime lens you got with your 600D??? Is that the one you used for all your recent pictures?!! O_o *Canon FTW*