Grey, my classic.

October 08, 2014

Chanel purse
Burger & Lobster Oyster card holder (gifted)
H&M 'Love' wallet, for receipts
H&M wallet, for plasters, eyedrops, etc.
Philips Citiscape headphones (I want the grey ones)

Red Valentino notebook (gifted)
Let's Blog Some Sh*t (a gift from Amber, thank you!)
Tresor Paris gold bar flash drive (gifted)
iPad mini (gifted)
iPad mini skin, Marble by Marta Olga Klara on Society 6
H&M pencil case (similar here)
Victoria's Secret name card holder 

Chanel 'Frenzy' nail polish
Chanel 'La Fascinante' lipstick
Laura Mercier 'creme de pistache' eau de toilette. The most delicious pistachio scent that will make you smell like a cake, in the best way!
Vaseline Pink Bubbly
Crabtree & Evelyn 'pomegranate' hand cream

My grey Prada Saffiano is one of my personal classics. I've seen handbags---designer, high-street, vintage---come and go through the figurative revolving doors of my wardrobe. In fact, at any given time only less than 20 out of 50 or so handbags remain in my permanent collection. The rest are either on rotation between mummy and I, or are borrowed from good friends, or destined to be given away much to the delight of my friends. But...! This hero bag, the Saffiano, is very much a fixture in my life. The grey is a classic and versatile colour; glacial in winter, transitional in autumn, unexpected in summer, pale and pretty in spring. The simple and structured shape is ingenious in all its minimality. The many compartments inside are the key to keeping the contents of my purse (all 5kg of it) organised and myself from tipping over into a hysterical breakdown every time I need to fish for lipstick or a business card. Many say that black is a true classic. I don't know if that's true for me. By now you know of the story about how I gave up wearing purple, burgundy, and black when my fortune teller told me that those were my three unlucky colours. Happily dove grey is lucky for me and so are pastels. Now I carry this baby, in a beautiful shade of taupe, on my arm safe in my superstitious mind that the colour will protect me from harm, and if not the colour at least my stupidly heavy handbag will double as an excellent weapon against unsolicited amorous gestures. x

(as far as I can remember, anyway)

How I Fell In Love With A Lady In Red - Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola
かげほしのバッグスワグ - Anya Hindmarch Earl Bottom Pinch
4 x The Prada, 4 x The Power - Prada Saffiano 
Notes On Style - Dior Lady
That's My Bag, Baby - Hermes Kelly
C'est mon trésor - Delfonics “Quitterie C’est Mon Trésor”

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