Selfridges goes to the movies: Everyman Cinema at Selfridges launch

September 19, 2014

Yesterday Luxy and I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Everyman Cinema at Selfridges. I'm well enough acquainted with Everyman Cinema at 'Power of Summer', Battersea Power Station having attended twice (the first time I got the date wrong, the second time I was an hour late for the movie) and having rolled around the furniture as per the suggestion of the chairman himself. This inception of Everyman Cinema at Selfridges is quite different from its predecessor. At Battersea Power Station edition cinema goers felt 'one with the night', sitting in the open air on beanbags (or in elevated pods, as I did) wearing headphones, watching a giant screen backdropped by the iconic Power Station chimneys, scaffolding, and cranes. By contrast, the Selfridges experience was very much a 'boutique experience' befitting a boutique cinema brand such as Everyman Cinema. An exclusive collaboration, it's the first department store-based cinema the UK has seen, screening both national releases and a regularly updated and curated themed film programme. 

The cinema occupies the Ultralounge on the lower ground floor smack in the middle of the home department. Everyman Cinema at Selfridges seats 60 and oozes an eclectic mix of classic Hollywood Glamour, retro styling, and a touch of carnival chic with neon signs, illustrated movie posters, superhero comic wallpaper and portraits of Hollywood Golden Era stars adorning the the bar area and the cinema itself. Everyman Cinema describes itself as a luxurious, made-to-measure environment and they certainly didn't disappoint. Attentive waiters brought us tray after tray of canapĂ©, the drinks (prosecco and Diet Coke for me) flowed freely, and we were given boxes of fresh popcorn and jelly babies to nibble on for the movie. But be careful and show some restrain, I absentmindedly ate what must've been two handfuls of jelly babies and had the stomach pains to prove it.

With Luxy right after she spilled her popcorn everywhere. It's not a movie experience unless someone drops their popcorn!

For the launch of Everyman Cinema at Selfridges we were treated to a screening of the new Woody Allen film 'Magic In The Moonlight' ahead of its UK debut today. I loved it! It's a gorgeous, opulent little comedy of a film, with just a touch of Orientalism, set in the late 1920s in the Riviera of Southern France against gorgeous backdrops of vast villa gardens, rocky cliffs, and sparkling sea. Emma Stone is a beautiful vision of endearing clumsiness, gauche ingenue, and mystical enigma of a wide-blue-eyed waif. Mr Darcy, sorry, Colin Firth is a caustic one-liner a minute and helps carry the film at a pace that while always languid like its lush setting never feels slow or stagnant. I'm impressed by how throughout the film only three songs, all classic Charleston and Jazz numbers from the 20s, were used as the soundtrack and it never felt stale or repetitive, rather it was evocative and like a Pavlovian response got me all excited for what delicious little twist to come. I highly recommend Magic In The Moonlight if you want a little piece of escapism after a long day.

Everyman Cinema at Selfridges 's film programme over the next 2 weeks includes A Single Man by Tom Ford, Advanced Style, Clueless, Roman Holiday, Breathless, and of course that classic crowd pleaser Breakfast At Tiffany's. Tickets start at £12.50 for a the matinee, £17.50 for early evening, £20 for main evening, £10 for under 15's and £7.50 for kids club. You can book in advance online on the Selfridges website or the Everyman Cinema website. Perhaps a little treat as a respite from all your very very early Christmas shopping or between shopping hauls? Either way here's to yet another reason to love Selfridges. Thank you Everyman Cinema! x


  1. I watched the whole Selfridges tv series and it made me miss the store so much. Then they opened their roof to the public, now this! I need to go back to the UK.

    Also, this post reminded me I still need to go to Le Royal cinema here in PRG!! I have a feeling it'd be right up your street too. :-)

    1. Come to London and I'll show you around! And you can tell me all your 'to-do in Prague' tips! x

    2. that would be dreamy, but I don't have any near future plans that involve London :-( It's been too long, I can feel it. At least you have someone to look after Coolio when you travel! I don't trust ANYONE with my princesses.

  2. Woo! I loved our night out at the cinema! Thank you for coming with me, it would not have been the same without you there! Also you're such a good blogger, my blog post won't be live until next week I have such a backlog, ugh.


    C x
    Lux Life Blog

    1. What would you do without me to top up your spilled popcorn?! Hehe. D&W tonight and car karaoke tonight OMG *explodes* xx