Country Life Fair Royal Reception & Ball, James Gartshore-Boulter's birthday at Mahiki, Duck & Waffle, and...milk.

September 11, 2014

Summer in London, in my humble opinion, is unofficially over. The autumnal equinox itself will be happening on the 22nd but as far as I'm concerned as soon as the London Fashion Week Spring/Summer show and party invitations arrive the summer is officially over. After all nothing says new season than gentle prompts to start shopping for the season after next. Personally I adore autumn; summer is too hot, winter is too bitter, and spring is too rainy but autumn is crisp and just the right climate to wear a light coat with a fur-lined collar and boots. When it comes to transitioning seasons nothing makes the shift easier than shopping for lifestyle upgrades (sartorial, gastronomical, decor etc) and of course parties. Yesterday I had my fill of the latter; first at The Natural History Museum for the Country Life Fair Royal Reception & Ball and then at Mahiki for my friend James Gartshore-Boulter's birthday. Does 'breakfast' at Duck & Waffle and pulling a milk truck over on the way home to buy a pint count? Either way it's all one big party to me. 

The first stop from my night before, Country Life Fair Royal Reception & Ball. Country Life Fair took over The Natural History Museum and threw a bash to celebrate their launch. The guest of honour was HRH Prince Michael of Kent, and I observed much to my chagrin that a few youngish guests did not extend him the basic courtesy of a slight bow or nod. Appalling manners! The only letdown at an otherwise sophisticated soiree. I greeted HRH with a small curtsy but I supposed I'm old-fashioned that way. Guests were treated to live performances from The Blondettes and the Boisdales band, soprano Meeta Raval and countertenor Oliver Gerrish of New Georgian Opera, and Sister Sledge among many others. Henry and I met up with Luxy and Lottie early on in the night but immediately lost them to the crowds, the pop up casino, the tweed and country fashion shows, the pearl and diamond showcase, the Scottish get the idea. We were kept fed and watered with gin stations, vodka stations, endless rounds of canapés, an 'Homage to Fromage' and Ginkhana.

Note to self, never cross the dance floor to get to the bar while the Scots are reeling unless you want to die in a manner not unlike one attempting to crossing at street level to Arc de Triomph (take the underpass or go around).

I wore Michael Kors, an inspired version of that infamous For Love and Lemons dress, vintage Chanel purse, and Vivienne Westwood choker. 

Henry and I managed to get hold of Lottie and Luxy just as we were leaving. We bade our goodbyes at midnight and rode to Mahiki for James Gartshore-Boulter's birthday. I ran into Hannah outside and bemoaned how hungry I was and she fished home-baked brownies wrapped in tinfoil out of her little Chanel clutch! She never ceases to amaze me. Han stuffed a chunk into my mouth and laughed at my blissful expression.

Happy Birthday James!

India and Becca in matching tartan as befitting the theme of the night. Henry and Will matching in decidedly un-tartan get ups. And...treasure chests! The night was a throwback for all of us; I haven't been to Mahiki since 2009, and some of my younger friends haven't been there since they were 16. Oh the nostalgia, oh the treasure chests...!

Henry and Will 'bringing it around tooooown' with Henry's sexy (debatable) dancing.

Afterward Becca, Henry, and I decamped to my favourite spot for food after a night out, Duck & Waffle. I treated everyone to crispy pig ears in waxed paper bag, the foie gras mousse with lobster and brioche, and two, count 'em, two pots of dippy duck eggs with truffle and cheese. Is there anything more satisfying than hot slices of toast dipped in dippy duck egg after a night and morning of partying?

Henry seems to think so, and the answer according to His Feline Highness The Lord of Cats is a nice pint of milk. A milk truck pulled up beside our car and I tried reaching out the window to pick a pint from the open back of the truck but failed. Henry got the milkman to pull over, coins were exchanged, and we drove off with Henry sipping contently on his milk. He doesn't understand why I find it surreal that he's dressed in tails and drinking milk in an Uber at the crack of dawn, but then again he doesn't quite believe me when I tell him that most people I know developed lactose intolerance as adults. "You can't spell lactose intolerant without 'intolerant' and by God, I'm no racist!" he bellowed to Shoreditch as raced home. A suitably surreal ending to a beautiful evening and one of the best I've had in a while.



  1. Henry is the bomb - I love him. You and your mates look too fun for the usual up-their-own-arse crowd at Mahiki but I guess it's all about making your own party wherever you go, right? If only they had a Maccas at the top floor of the Heron tower i'd be there after every big night out too. ;)
    Your blog is just my fave. Keep it up girlfran. N x

    1. I love Henry too! And I love the way he scandalises conservative society hahahaha.
      Maccas is my (guilty pleasure) Mecca, if they opened in Heron Tower I think I would actually die of joy.