East London eats: Oysters and beers in Bethnal Green.

August 16, 2014

I'm certain that most couples in employment (self or otherwise) have a post-work rendezvous point where either, being too lazy to cook and having exhausted every option on Just Eat, meet for a spot of supper and flirtation. Myself, I like to pick a corner and snuggle up shoulder to shoulder with my boy, holding hands under the table, giggling and trying to flirt with him. Mostly he likes to meow and curl up like a cat, initiates fisticuffs with other gentlemen, sing (loudly) and do impressions of other people but sometimes he'll grab me, throw me down onto the sofa and voraciously kiss me (eat my face) while everyone else in the establishment pretends not to notice. Henry works on Brick Lane and I work from home in Shoreditch, so this little gem on Bethnal Green road is our perfect halfway point. You will probably find us there on weekends devouring the seafood platter and engaging the table beside us in discussion about whether or not Tom Jones is the Welsh Elvis. Avert your eyes to my favourite pub, mine and Henry's rendezvous point Well & Bucket.

Photo from Well & Bucket website.
Photo from Well & Bucket website.
Photo from Well & Bucket website.

Hundreds of years old tiles that were a feature of the original building take pride of place in the newly refurbished Well & Bucket. I am so envious, imagine buying an old derelict wreck of a place, ripping up hideous walls and finding, say, Victorian era tiles underneath? T'would be every relic hunter's dream come true. Coming from someone who lost got all excited at finding a straw hat for £3 at a charity shop believe me when I say that that is my dream.  

I brought Henry a gift but typically he's more interested in the shopping bag. He's being a cat.

Henry being a cat, again. He told me of two instances at work (that day, and another instance the week before) where two women professing to be bloggers were flirting with him. One of those bloggers is actually well known and one of my favourites, the other I've never heard of and yields nothing on Google search. I'm also, allegedly, a blogger *cringe* so I've deduced that chicks who work for clicks must have a thing for beards. That beard is being shaved off and shaped into mutton chops ala Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Frozen roleplay, anyone?).

Amidst the hundred year old tiles that were a feature of the original building and dramatic artwork* Well & Bucket serve gorgeous beers (Henry's words, not mine) and my sort of food, that is seafood and fast food. The seafood platter for two, at £28, will not fill up a hungry stomach but is a good starter to the deliciously buttery lobster brioche roll. Be warned, the lobster roll (£14) is so enticing that it will be inhaled in seconds on an empty stomach which is why one orders it after the seafood platter. Follow up with a choice of three sliders for £8.50 (I love the portobello mushroom burger and the chilli cheese dog) and a side of french fries, and you have two very happy and well fed people. I haven't tried the oysters because I've not been in the right mood for it, but with choices like Cumbrae, Jersey Rock, Fine de Claire, and Rockefeller I imagine that oyster fans won't go without. 

*speaking of dramatic...! Does anybody know the artist of the art hung in Well & Bucket? Well, I got the most peculiar message about it. So, I checked-in on Facebook at W&B and a FB friend (never met them, have two mutual friends, can't remember why or when they added me) commented something innocuous enough 'Do you like the artwork?' before leaving tantalising hints, openly, for all my Facebook audience to see that they have nothing nice to say about the artist, and then proceeding to privately message me paragraphs of, well, things that you don't usually confide to people you don't know. I understand that sometimes people feel that airing their grievances to someone removed from the situation and therefore impartial feels cathartic (that's why shrinks make so much money). But seriously, I was not expecting that. Anyway! Regardless of whoever's opinion on who did what I really do like the artwork in Well & Bucket and am considering acquiring it. So if anyone knows the artist please point me in their direction of maybe put me in touch with them! 

The couple beside us also had the seafood platter. Be warned, the Well & Bucket is popular and seating gets scarce, also you have to order your food at the bar. If you're ordering quite a bit of food and especially the seafood platter, split up and have one find a seat at a table (you will have to share) and have the other order at the bar because it will be a bit of a wait. But it's worth it, and certainly not a longer wait than most restaurants I've been to.

Our three sliders---Oxtail chilli cheese dog, jerk chicken, plantain and palm sugared plum, and my favourite Portobello mushroo, spinach & Stilton melt. With a side of old-fashioned fries, but I will be adventurous this weekend and try the crab fries with cheese and aioli.

...and the absolute star of the menu, in my humble opinion. The lobster roll. Half a lobster with Dijon mayo and fresh oregano, in a lightly toasted, melt-in-your mouth buttery brioche roll. I would quite happily eat three of these in one sitting. I may even attempt it.

So there it is, mine and Henry's favourite rendezvous spot for a bit of post-work fast food. Seafood, burgers, oysters, and beers...this is as perfect as it gets. x

143 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG


  1. Ahhh I love the Well & Bucket! Been there quite a few times with friends and for after work drinks. The sliders are so good and I love the decor. Aaaaand now i'm hungry.

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

  2. OMG looks so good! Especially the lobster roll! I so wish I'm in London now! Are these rolls teleportable?