Ping Pong Summer menu and competition!

August 01, 2014
This morning I woke up with the most glorious and resounding food hangover, the sort brought on by the epic combination of one too many cocktails and a food coma comparable to melatonin before bedtime. Yesterday evening the lovely people at Ping Pong invited myself and other bloggers to sample their new summer menu, and also for a cocktail masterclass very much like the one I attended last Sunday at Power of Summer. One would think that having learnt and competed in the very same masterclass I'd have a distinct edge over the others, but no, apparently I haven't learnt anything in the way of cocktail making or even grace and decorum. Witness the elegance of my face---

Mixologist extraordinaire Dan must be so disappointed that none of his imparted wisdom has made any impact on me whatsoever. My score remains firmly at a not-outsanding seven out of ten.

Surely these ladies, bloggers and food writers alike, displayed more aptitude than I, as did my guests Henry and Edward. Incidentally there were the only men (not including Dan) in attendance, among a gaggle (Edward: "What is the collective noun for bloggers? Gaggle? Flock? Murder?" Me: "Hashtag") of ladies yielding DSLRs and talking about SEOs my boys stood out for being tall, bearded, and with their big hairy arms and hands bearing no technology whatsoever. 

Big hairy man 1. My boyfriend, Henry.

Big hairy man 2. Edward.

With lovely Katie who looked after us so well, I wish she had a chance to sit down and dine with us but she was too busy darting and flitting everywhere like a busy hummingbird, keeping us watered and fed with Ping Pong's delicious offerings from their usual menu and new summer menu. Behold---

Is there any combination more divine than char siu bao (sweet pork bun), seafood siu mai, and prawn har gao? Forgive my use of the Cantonese spelling and pronunciation, it's what I grew up with. As a fussy Malaysian who has eaten the best dim sum in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Shanghai, and London I do know my dim sum. And Ping Pong's offerings have never disappointed. Never! It's my comfort food for when I'm homesick for Kuala Lumpur. 

I loved the inclusion of shiitake mushrooms and broccoli in these spicy pots of rice, it tastes so much like Chinese home cooking. There is a vegetarian option for this dish and a few things on the menu too. 

My personal standout dishes from the new summer menu---

Chinkiang seafood skewers; squid, prawns, with soya beans and black fungus topped with chilli bean sauce.

Chilli squid; squid in a light, crispy coating with hints of lemongrass and chilli sichuan dressing served with spicy mango sauce.

Ping Pong's first ever salad! Vegans rejoice. Citrus and carrot salad; squid with carrot, coriander, ginger, and spring onion with lime and chilli dressing.

All those generous offerings also served the purpose of lining our stomachs for the many cocktails that we were to make and then sample. 

An unorthodox hibiscus mojito prepared by one of the bloggers.

We had the classic mojito, hibiscus mojito, blackberry and chambord mojito, longan and sake mojito *grips the edge of the table* and also these beauties. Believe me when I say that I sat on a high chair by the bar singing to myself and grinning from ear to ear.

A fiery passionfruit cocktail that was quite literally burning up---

My favourite, this sweet and delicate lychee vodka martini with rose syrup.

My manly boyfriend would only drink beers. It was either that or his favourite: 'warm ale with bits of broken glass in it' which he then smashes against his forehead when he's finished drinking. Oh.

We finished off with desert, mango and yuzu ice-cream mochi. As if Ping Pong weren't generous enough to spoil us with a choice of new cocktails and a new summer menu to enjoy from now till October, they're also bringing you a a chance to win a glorious summer holiday in exotic Thailand and cosmopolitan Hong Kong...!

You could be sunning yourself on these gorgeous beaches and you don't even have to eat any dim sum for a chance to win (although I do recommend going to Ping Pong and trying the summer menu. Be sure to wash down the seafood skewers, squid, and beef and black pepper shu mai with copious hibiscus mojitos). Just sign up on their website for a chance to win a £5000, 9 night holiday in Hong Kong and Thailand, and automatically gain exclusive membership to The Travel Club. You get access to fantastic holiday deals and an extra £100 off your first booking. Entries close 6th of October 2014. Good luck and yam seng! x


  1. I love ping pong, all the new treats look fab, can't wait to get down there and check it out!

    1. DO IT! And go with lots of friends so you can all order lots of different things and share, like tapas! x

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to the competition! All that dim sum looks dreamy - big fan of Ping Pong! Love your dim sum/cocktail faces :D

    1. Are you going to enter the competition? I hope you win!
      I'm craving Ping Pong now and pulling the same faces :X