August 02, 2014
On Thursday evening FEAST food festival returned to Tobacco Dock in East London for its third edition since its highly accoladed inception in 2012. FEAST has been lauded by The Independent for 'taking the food revolution a step further' and by Hello! for being '...at the forefront of a deliciously democratic movement, bringing new concepts and flavours at affordable prices'. I have a confession to make---despite the red 'press' wristband I flaunted yesterday evening as I swanned from stall to stall, I'm no fancy-pants food critic like Homer Simpson so I shan't even pretend to be a gastronomical savant. I'll let my photos, and FEAST's blurb do the talking---
Fancy duck confit for lunch, northern Chinese street food for seconds and rainbow-tastic meringues for dessert? Or does drinking at London’s only absinthe bar, sampling alcoholic penny sweets and taxidermy tutorials sound more appealing? 
This summer, FEAST returns with an energetic, all-encompassing food experience. Wine and perfume pairing, butchery and cocktail-making masterclasses are served up alongside London’s most exciting restaurants and best-known street food vendors. 
Established in 2012, FEAST has welcomed over 30,000 food lovers and showcased more than 150 of London’s finest food purveyors. 
Learn, consume and enjoy - this edition of FEAST promises to be the biggest and best experience yet.

Food porn 'photodump' time...!

The moment we stepped foot into Feast Henry and I gravitated to Dough Bro pizzas.

I wore a playsuit for the first time which I instantly regretted; I hate my thick legs and the whole getup makes me look like an oversized baby. Anyway; ASOS playsuit and watermelon socks, vintage belt, KG boots, By Invite Only pendant, and Dior Addict tote.

I can't get enough of Harry Brompton's alcoholic ice tea. Crisp, refreshing, and subtle, it's made from the finest Kenyan tea, citrus, and grain spirit. Perfect for a hot summer's day, parties, and they look ever so innocently 'unalcoholic' lining up in the fridge for whenever the fancy strikes. I'm going to order a crate from Ocado!

Truffle bacon and egg pie from The Pie Cart.

Gorgeous black paella by Negra & Mor.

Coconut marshmallows!

I was more than enamoured by Meringue Girls' pretty little offerings---

There was so much more we wanted to sample but we just didn't have time. Also, FEAST gets crowded very quickly and by the time it was dark it felt like a nightclub what with the atmosphere, music, crowds, and purple lights. FEAST is on till tomorrow. I suggest getting there early in the day and staying there all day, taking your time to slowly sample all the wares. You can find on their website the list of restaurants, street food, bars, and masterclasses happening at FEAST. Happy feasting! x


  1. Mmmm, glad I'm going out for food shortly, successful food porn!
    I love ice tea, live on it, now if I could only find the alcoholic one here! that'd be me done, because real house wifes start at 3pm.

    How were the coconut marshmallows? I am not much of a sweets eater (other than gold old fashioned chocolate and cake) always wondered how you'd flavour marshmallows. I've seen a kickstarter campaign where some guy promises to make any flavour marshmallows you want, if you fund him. Tempted to ask for egg & bacon and see what comes from it. Lol x

    1. Coconut marshmallows are nice in small doses! I think flavoured marshmallows work best either as very small snacks at parties or as toppings on cakes and hot drinks! I wanted a pear and elderflower marshmallow but they were sold out :( x

  2. that pizza looks GOOD http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/the-artists-residence-brighton.html

  3. It is so busy there isn't it? I didn't go this weekend as was busy doing catering gigs, but went last year and had to escape as couldn't move or breathe (probably down to the amount I ate as well as the volume of people there!)

    Rosie xx

    1. Rosie! It was crazy busy, personally it impaired my enjoyment of FEAST. Next year we'll go down EARLY! x

  4. I beg to differ on your self-deprecation - I think your legs look fantastic and the playsuit really suits you! So lucky to have long legs when you're Asian (she says having hated her short calves her whole life)... This truly is food porn and the picture of you and Henry kissing is the cutest! Definitely want to go next year!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure