#VCPicnic: The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final

July 21, 2014
The old adage goes: "Be careful what you wish for". Apparently my powers of persuasion (or rather desperation) are not to be treated with levity for the sun and perfect blue skies England has enjoyed all weekend has now all but disappeared from London and in its place a horrible muggy cocktail of sticky, humid air and grey sky. Well this has put a spanner in my plan to top up my tan by tanning during my lunch break (Shoreditch House was designed for the out of office worker), and all because I cursed the sun and heat yesterday at the polo, The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final at Cowdray Park.

Please observe my tan, and let it be known that two hours prior I was at least two shades lighter.

It was a scorcher on Sunday, so Luxy, her friends, and I packed the wicker baskets, shoved them with cheese, sausages, biscuits, meats, and champagne, and drove to Cowdray Park for a pre-polo picnic before The Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final.

A thoroughly British past time.

It was excruciatingly hot (and this coming from someone who just got back from Lisbon and grew up in tropical Malaysia) and not even the combination of SPF50, a brolly, and a fan could stop my carefully curled hair from unravelling like a wilting cabbage nor myself like roasting like a piece of crispy pork belly.

I'm certain the horses felt the same way.

One of the players struck a pigeon and it exploded in a ball of feathers and beak. So I suppose I shouldn't complain, I certainly didn't have it as bad as the poor bird.

By half-time I could no longer endure the sun beating down on my brow, so I took Luxy and I across the field into the Veuve Clicquot hospitality area.

But not before stomping the divots and making a new furry friend.

The happy, sunny colour of Veuve Clicquot 'yellow'. Fun fact, the colour is considered yellow and not orange because Veuve Clicquot existed before there was a name for the colour orange. I myself consider it amber.

Yellow, orange, amber, c'est whatever, as far as VIP treatment goes I don't care, the colours could be hearing aid beige or baby poo green for all I care.

Prada Saffiano, River Island sandals, ASOS dress, Veuve Clicquot sunnies.

A Veuve Clicquot and Hipanema collaboration. 

Oh, blessed butler service. Without thee our picnic experience is all the more lacking for having our enjoyment impaired by the crude inconvenience of having to serve ourselves. 

Black truffle popcorn. Am not convinced.

I shan't lie, I wasn't there for the polo. I was there for the picnics, both the ones in the grounds and our #VCPicnic in the Veuve Clicquot hospitality area.

Our lovely outing ended with a flyover over Cowdray Park.

A picnic at the polo and a flyover, what a quintessentially British summer outing coupled with  a surprisingly hot and sunny day.

Now if only the sun would come back just for one blessed hour so that I may tan the rest of myself!


  1. much beautiful, wow
    love the dress and your hair in this one! everything's floating so beautifully! :-)
    except for the truffle popcorn, very wtf.

    1. Hehe thanks Amber! I was definitely going for the 'flowy' look.
      ...the black truffle popcorn was £4 for that tiny cup. *gasp*