Cocktail masterclass with The Indytute & Ping Pong

July 28, 2014

Hello! Here's to Monday and the beginning of a whole new week. I welcome Mondays not with weary trepidation but rather I embrace this most contentious of days in the hope that it heralds a week far more productive than the one before. Fresh starts and all that, what with last week's dismal offerings in the way of blog posts (a measly two). It's not even a case of not having enough content. I have much to share about Lisbon, so much that I'm probably too daunted to start. That, and that I've been busy moving into Henry's seaside flat, turning it from bachelor pad into a place fit for a lady. Hint: it involves many scented candles, oversized cushions, cowhide and sheepskin rugs. Also, don't tell him, but I'm turning his drawing room into a literal drawing room: I'm converting it into my art studio. Hehe.


Yesterday I lured Diana out to Battersea with the promise of an educational experience in the way of making drinks, courtesy of The Indytute's cocktail masterclass with Ping Pong

The Indytute are hosting a series of 'Brilliantly Inspired Lessons' at The Power Of Summer at Battersea Power Station until the end of August. You may have read about The Power Of Summer launch (which I missed because I was in Lisbon, booooo!) on HecticophiliaThe Prosecco Diaries and The Awkward Blogand also my blog post about Battersea Power Station's 1st Annual Party hosted by Elton John. It seems that the Battersea Power Station is the place to be this summer. Certainly they are making the most of this sprawling space so beautifully flanked by the river and looming in the imposing shade of the iconic towers, before they close to the public forever this summer to make way for private apartments. Fret not, for I bought one of those apartments and when it's ready (in 2016) I'll throw a huge party! 

My face was all sorts of 'derpy' in this photo so I CatWang-ed it. 'Tis for the best.

The lovely people at Ping Pong taught us how to make the perfect mojito, the correct way. We started with the classic mojito and moved on to variations with fruit, Chambord, and other liqueurs. Who knew that 'liquid sugar' (really cane syrup) was a thing? I was asked by our dashing tutor if I knew how to make a mojito properly since I was in Cuba only two months ago. I replied. "Yes! You go to La Bodeguita del Medio, prop yourself up at the bar and say 'Uno mojito por favor!'" But I suppose if you haven't the time to fly to Cuba for the perfect mojito, then learning how to do it yourself would be more than useful. (Myself, I want to eat ceviche but can't be bothered to go to Peru yet, so I'm getting my fix at Andina in Shoreditch)

Teams of two were pitted against each other in the race to make the better mojito. Diana and I were paired against each other a few times, much like the World Cup, sad to say my performance was less Germany and more England. Ouch. 

How to make a raspberry mojito with Chambord.

Three limes, a small handful of mint, two tablespoons of sugar, and two raspberries...

Smash it all to a bloody pulp with the frightening one-mindedness of a demented, vengeful ex hell-bent on red rum murder. You don't need to make a scary face, as above, but it does help.

Add some crushed ice, some rum, and push it down as flat as it'll go. Add some soda water, more crushed ice, repeat downward pushing to flatten the ice as much as possible. Top with Chambord.


Five (or seven) cocktails later Diana and I felt the exquisite rumble of an empty stomach marinated in alcohol (and last night's ceviche, for me) so we sought out some street food. Happily, Street Feast has taken up residence at Battersea Power Station from Thursdays to Sundays under the guise of Riverside Feast, with even an oyster and prosecco bar.

I craved some hearty comfort food so I plumped for the decadent lobster mac 'n' cheese from B.O.B's Lobster. Whether you're a Dalston Darling, a South Bank Sweetheart, or a Borough Bro you're sure to find that #TheVanIsComing to a London locale near you. If you're too lazy to keep up with the van's whereabouts (which you can easily do by following them on Twitter: @bobsandco) you can try their popup above The Rising Sun, 61 Carter Lane, EC4They're open for lunch Thursday and Friday, and dinner Wednesday to Friday. Go with friends and order the mac 'n' cheese to share, don't be shellfish! Singing 'Bob's Lobster!' to the tune of 'Rock Lobster' (or even Iraq Lobster ahahaha) and having claw fights is absolutely mandatory. 

'Death to America! And buttersauce!'

'Don't boil me, I'm still alive! Iraaaaq lobstaaaah!' *dadada-duh-duh-dadadaDA!*

I'm wearing Zara trousers, River Island sandals, and my favourite grey Saffiano. 

Thank you The Indytute for having us, and especially Katie and Gaia at Ping Pong for looking after us! I'm looking forward to Ping Pong's new summer menu tasting event and The Indytute Chocolate Alchemist class this week and weekend, and you can be sure that I'll report back with a whole lot more efficiency than I have with my Lisbon posts!



  1. Diana sure looks like she knows what she's doing! you- not so much! haha!
    Looks like a fun day out.
    I've only been to ping pong once years ago, didn't even know they do cocktails... ;-)

    1. Diana is sooo chilled, I was screaming and throwing things around haha!
      OMG Ping Pong cocktails are the bombdiggity, I'm going to another masterclass on Thursday. I'll be sure to report back to you! ;) x