Prêt-à-Portea at The Caramel Room, The Berkeley.

July 17, 2014
What I love most about my Malaysian mother visiting me in my adopted city of London is that I get to do all the things I'd never usually do for fear of being regarded by my jaded peers as 'naff', 'kitsch', or heaven forbid 'fun'. But under the guise as acting tour guide to my tourist parents, all activities once confined to the pages of 'Things to do in London for tourists who will inevitably stand right at the exit of Oxford Circus station during rush hour reading a map and hindering all and sundry' are now accessible to me. Hooray! The London Eye! The West End! Feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square!

There is nothing an Oriental* tourist in London loves more than afternoon tea. Call it Anglomania, call it colonial hangover, call it romanticism, call it whatever but I promise you that should you descend on the Caramel Room at The Berkeley anywhere between after lunch and before dinner you will see tables of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, South East Asian ladies tittering at the scones and sipping from tea cups with pinky extended.

*I can say it because I am 'of Orient descent'. I honestly don't understand why the term 'Oriental' is considered un-PC by some, but then again I am Malaysian and we invented racial stereotyping. Not with any malicious or patronising intent, you know, just that we happily call Caucasians 'gwai lo', 'mat salleh', etc.

Why, only last week (or was it the week before?) I brought mummy and her friends to The Berkeley for their fashionista-themed afternoon tea 'Prêt-à-Portea' and what do you know, at the next table was a lovely lady (Oriental, naturally) being proposed to by her boyfriend over cakes and champagne. Befitting of a demure Asian lady, she was sobbing tears of joy quite discreetly into her napkin. But her subtlety did not go unnoticed by me, after all, we are both the same: Orientals at high tea.

Regardless of whether or not you're a tourist sampling the most obvious of London's delights, if you like high tea, fashion, and sweet things I do recommend 'Prêt-à-Portea' at The Berkeley.

Photo by The Berkeley 

The Berkeley sayeth:

Prêt-à-Portea adds a creative twist to the classic elements of the traditional English afternoon tea with cakes and pastries resembling the latest catwalk designs for the style conscious. The Berkeley London designer afternoon tea, Prêt-à-Portea, is inspired by the themes and colours of the fashion world. The menu is transformed every six months to follow the changing seasons in fashion. 

The new Spring/Summer 2014 Prêt-à-Portea collection is inspired by this season’s print craze of grids, triangles, concentric circles and more. This season’s Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkeley includes fashionista delectables such as Miu Miu’s exotic-skin tote bag with chocolate pecan moelleux, Christian Louboutin’s chocolate biscuit Pigalle Spike heel with fresh turquoise hue icing and signature red sole and Dsquared mini strapless mango bavarois dress with a blueberry compote topped with hot pink lampshade hat.

Photos from our delightful afternoon tea, sorry, Prêt-à-Portea...

Hello, tiny T-Rex hand.

The menu comes in three delightfully ocular-assaulting neon colours. 

Good lighting + boredom while on an outing with 'adults' = many selfies.

Ravenous as always, I had some food before my food, as I usually do.

Beef carpaccio.

Duck eggs Benedict.

Our platter arrived.

Miu Miu exotic skin tote bag with chocolate pecan moelleux.

Christian Louboutin chocolate biscuit Pigalle Spike heel with fresh turquoise hue icing and signature red sole.

Dsquared mini strapless mango bavarois dress with blueberry compote topped with hot pink lampshade hat.

Oscar De La Renta flirtatious summer pistachio sponge cake dress topped with poppy seed parfait and edible flower

Karla Colletto lemon biscuit swimsuit with cherry red icing and pretty rosette-appliquéd neckline

A failed attempt at a 'forced perspective' photo with the 'swimsuit'.

So, high tea at The Berkeley, that's one ticked off my 'London tourist' bucket-list.

What next? Dinner at The Shard? Oh wait...



  1. *crying and flipping tables*
    I want to be there!!
    When i first saw a glimpse of it on your insta, I believe, I thought it was some exclusive event that's come and gone. It's a thing?!??!

    1. Yes you should go! Ask for one of the quieter tables by the windows. x

  2. I just found your blog! You are too cute! Let's be internet friends!

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2014

    Can I be your presonal assistant? Haha I love your life and blog ! Super interesting !

    1. You wouldn't want to be my assistant. I'd make you mop my ceiling and polish my hamster! x

  4. Everything looks so pretty and beautiful - too beautiful to even eat! I'm sharing this post!

    1. Hehe please do! And don't be afraid to eat it all after you've photographed everything for posterity ;) x

  5. What a fabulous tea, it's been on my wish list for a while, definitely going now!