Olá Lisboa! Being a tourist in Lisbon

July 31, 2014
It's no secret that my Lisbon city break didn't exactly go the way I planned no thanks to me forgetting about one little but extremely important detail: the hot weather. It was far too hot in the day to walk around the city as we did in Rome, and no this had nothing to do with temperature it was about lack of mental preparation (I did fine in Cuba, didn't I?). Henry and I are by no means unacquainted to the sun and heat; he's travelled through African desert and I grew up in tropical Malaysia but you know the saying 'When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.' Perhaps 'fail' is a bit harsh in this instance, we may have missed out on visiting the Castle of St. George, Aqueduto das Águas Livres, a couple of museums and quite a few cafés, riding the iconic no.28 tram, but we did see some (and ate most) of Lisbon. Anyway, here are some of the more touristy things to do when in Lisbon, not including where to eat, that I'm saving for a different post but in the meanwhile there's my blog post about John Malkovich's fashionable riverside restaurant Bica Do Sapato.

When in Lisbon:

Walk around the city and admire the architecture, especially the balconies and the azulejo---Portugese painted tiles---adorning seemingly every building.

Ride the trams and marvel at how these crammed little carriages climb up some of the steepest roads of Lisbon's many hills. Do it properly and take the vintage 'Electrico 28' aka the yellow no.28 tram, hopping on and off throughout the route to stop at many of Lisbon's iconic locations and points of interest. 

Keep an eye out for unassuming little gems like this strip club's doors flanked by two ladies who couldn't be more different; one an art nouveau goddess, the other...well, you have eyes to see.

We chanced upon a public recital...

...and Fernando Pessoa. 

Regretted not taking this lift to the bridge.

Do outdoorsy things like shimmy up a tree to get a better view of Belem Tower.

I can't get enough of the architecture, it's so Moorish.

When in Belem one must pay their respects at the lavish Jeronimos Monastery.

A visit to the National Azulejo Museum is a must. As is matching your trousers to the tiles.

More than tiles, Azulejo is a huge aspect of Portugese culture, history, and art.

Catch an exhibition or two. This one was happening in the National Azulejo Museum itself.

Admire the urban wildlife.

When travelling with one's significant other it is important to keep the peace while making the holiday (mostly) all about one's self. So if he wants to, go with him to the Military Museum to look at cannons unless you want it to all blow up in your face. Haha. *waits for laughter. gets none*

The Military Museum.

We also walked into the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic entirely by chance, while strolling along the park across Belem Tower. It is right beside the presidential palace and displays  stunning presents received by Portuguese presidents.

A guard outside the presidential palace.

I'm looking forward to going back to Lisbon and visiting the places we missed the first time round. Perhaps in autumn when the weather is more agreeable! All we did during this trip was eat and go to the beach, you'll see. Ciao!



  1. I've heard lots of nice things about Lisbon, but your shots helped to push it to my top 5 must visit places!

    1. Yay! Definitely visit Lisbon, and go in autumn or spring if you don't like hot weather! x

  2. Did I miss it somewhere, or is there no background explanation as to why H is so addicted to military stuff? Curious!

    1. You're right, I haven't written his backstory! But I will soon! x