Brompton Food Market

July 03, 2014

I chanced upon this little gem in South Kensington while killing time between a visit to the Natural History Museum (Henry pointed at the taxidermy and said "This is a terrible zoo, the animals look really sick!") and dinner with mummy. 

Wandering along Thurloe Place for a spot of pre-dinner to whet my appetite, we stumbled upon the newly opened Brompton Food Market and got a little more than we bargained for. Brompton Food Market, a mix of a butches, fishmonger, greengrocer, and deli caught my eye with its charming decor...

...tantalising menu in the window offering delicious and what I thought were middle-sized portions perfect for nibbling (the food turned out to be surprisingly filling and great value for money)...

...I was sold by the steak tartare. Steak tartare before dinner? Perfect! And drawn in by the gorgeous displays of fat, colourful fruits and vegetables, seafood, and meats.

...I may have leant in and sniffed these truffles a little too vigorously...

...and tempted by their pies. The Bray’s Cottage Pork Pies are said to be the best in the country.

Henry and I grabbed a couple of menus and sat our weary selves down in the secret garden, a little patio through the doors of the deli. There was a downstairs bit too but we skipped it because I was too excited at the prospect of a quiet, peaceful, sun-dappled respite from the busy bustle of South Ken.

We ordered a foie gras with flat peach and salad to share, a smoked fish board for him, and for me the steak tartare with shaved truffle and summer truffle sauce. Of course.

The food came beautifully displayed on charmingly rustic charcuterie boards. I was expecting dainty little nibbles the size of starters but the portions were generous. I quite literally ended up biting off more than I could chew but it was all so delicious that I finished it anyway.

Henry's smoked fish board.

Foie gras parfait balanced perfectly with bites of sweet peach and salad.

And my perfectly prepared steak tartare with truffle shavings and summer truffle sauce.

Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

We ended up waddling away like well-fed penguins, stuffed and satisfied. King Henry VIII used to say at restaurants: "Doth thou expect me, thy monarch, to feast on such meagre portions thus here?" I imagine His Majesty would be hard pressed to complain at Brompton Food Market, the plates may be pretty but the food was very filling and certainly worth the £30.30 it came to including drinks (milk for Henry, coconut water for me).

I'm definitely coming back to Brompton Food Market, not just for the steak tartare but also with a basket I'm going to fill with some truffles, a lobster or two, and as much fresh produce I can carry!

One can find Brompton Food Market at 33 Thurloe Place and follow them on Twitter here.



  1. Looks so yummy~! I'll definitely try this place as soon as I get the chance to go to west london! I love your photos so much, may I ask what camera do you use?