Aqua at The Shard

July 08, 2014
Food porn-photodump-time...!

Isn't it strange how divisive food photos can be? You have people like Henry who detest (badly taken) photos of food and write snarky comments on his Facebook friends' mobile uploads of lunch which I suppose is fair enough, a blurry snap of a Pret sandwich with the caption 'eating at my desk...again :(' is more depressing than enriching. But then you have that strange breed of commenter hiding behind the comforting anonymity of the internet who say rude and ridiculous things that they'd never dare say to anyone's face in person, let alone a social media feed of a stranger that they follow. And it's always women that get the brunt of it. It's one thing if a man eats a heart-attack inducing meat monstrosity worthy of This Is Why You're Fat. But when a woman constantly and consistently uploads photos of meals that aren't salad, quinoa, or water her eating habits are called into can she eat so much and isn't the size of a whale? Is she bulimic? Does she photograph her meal and pretend to eat it but really just takes a nibble and flings the rest of the food to waiting dolphins? Etc. 

I can't speak for everyone. There are people who do all of that that I'm sure, but myself, it's quite boring really. I just gorge one week a month where I dine out everyday, every Sunday is also gorging day (and sometimes Monday too), and the rest of the time I eat healthy home-cooked meals. Why right now I'm grilling nice chunky vegetables (butternut squash, new potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onions) sprinkled with olive oil, rock salt, pepper and rosemary to compliment pork and bramley apple sausages. For breakfast. Which makes the most sense really, you should eat meals with a lot of energy early in the day so you can release it and burn it off throughout the day.

Nosy, baffled, food-shaming spectators aside I have no shame in my food porn photos. They're a damn sight more attractive than a sad iPhone shot of a frozen dinner and besides if one doesn't like it one can unfollow me. Expect a few food porn blog posts to come from last week (gorging week!). 

Here's a few snaps of what I had for dinner at Aqua at The Shard.

Lobster with watermelon cubes and saffron. 4/5.

Foie gras and truffle terrine. 4/5.

Oh dear I forgot what these were called, hahaha.

Again, the lobster!

Watermelon cubes topped ever so delicately with basil.

And for pudding,

a 'birthday cake' of The Shard made from chocolate. 3.5/5.



  1. True that!
    It doesn't matter how much one tries, we keep getting judged and mostly by other women, wtf!

    As for Henry, have you two heard of "Dimly lit meals for one"? The guy is a genius with his little blog with really sad photos of food. Henry might like that, ha.

    1. I know right! The worse are feminists who tell other women they can't do this or that because it's not feminist. They're missing the whole point of feminism!

      Ahahahahaha Dimly Lit Meals is HILARIOUS. x

  2. It all looks delicious, I love photos of food!! Is that a courgette flower I spy? My favourite!

    Rosie xx

    1. Yes that's it! I've been seeing a lot of courgette flowers lately. x

  3. That's got to be the most artily served lobster I've seen so far. Gorgeous. Keep the food porn photos coming - I for one will not be complaining! x

    1. Don't you worry, more food porn photos coming! ;) x

  4. Ah! Someone beat me to it! I absolutely LOVE stuffed zucchini flower! Especially if there was goat cheese in that bad boy!