Vamos! Forca Boteco Brasil!

June 13, 2014
Well, the World Cup 2014 opening match was certainly controversial! And that penalty wasn't the only divisive point of debate---my English friends think it's scandalous I'm not supporting England, Henry insists on supporting Netherlands because his grannie is Dutch, and I'm supporting Brazil (I'd support Malaysia if only they ever qualified). "You're not even Brazilian! The closest you are to being Brazilian is your wax!" Well, I like green and yellow, so there! I love a lot about Brazil; their passion,  energy, party spirit, and hope...I find it heartening that even in the depths of abject poverty, children kick around footballs and dream of being the next Pel é or Maradona. The image of Brazil to me is a riot of colour, heat, music, dance, and an entire nation rising to cheer in solidarity. Which essentially is what the rest of the month is going to be, but multiplied by as many nations playing in the World Cup!*

*I might be an absolute twat, go into a bar or pub when England are playing and scream Go London Olympics! 

On Wednesday The Brazilian Ambassador, HE Roberto Jaguaribe, Hamish Jenkinson and Constantin Bjerke very kindly invited us to the exclusive opening night of Boteco Brasil Soho, in association with, The Anglo-Brazilian Society, The Embassy of Brazil, The Department and The Gallery Soho.

Boteco Brasil Soho, a pop up in Soho Gallery, is set to be summer’s ultimate official culinary and cultural World Cup experience in London. We immersed ourselves in Boteco culture with a bountiful feast of inspirational Brazilian dishes created by culinary designer Simone Mattar and a preview of art and design from some of Brazil’s hottest creative talent. 

Henry was quite happy to watch vintage football matches and glug bottles of Brahma (as practise, you see) while I did my thing. Such devotion.

Beautifully wrapped parcels of food, presented like gifts, the Brazilian way.

Henry displaying his love and 'football spirit' the way the English do best...fighting!
That's because he's quite hot headed.

Boteco Brasil pop up will run for the month and entire duration of The World Cup at The Gallery Soho, 123 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EW. Look out for The Gallery Soho sign, squeeze through the narrow door underneath, and when you see a mannequin wearing a Brazil football jersey on your right and the colours of Brasil on the wall to your left, you know you've found it.

See you there on Saturday for the England game?



  1. D'aww. Henry is a good Mr. My other half is also trained to wait around and not touch stuff (food included) until satisfactory photos have been taken. :-D

    Do you know why women cannot play football?
    Because a group of women cannot stand to wear the same clothes at the same time!

    1. Henry says he does put up with a lot of crap, posh people come up to him, poke him in the eye and go 'Ooooh what's this, a common man?'' and he has to take it ahahhaha