Happy Birthday, Nuffnang UK!

June 04, 2014
I've been waiting a long time for Nuffnang to spread their wings to the UK.

I stopped writing my first blog when I moved to London to study at St. Martins so that I could focus my (considerably scattered) attention and time on, well, living my life instead of writing about it. This was in 2006. Back then the only real superstar bloggers in South East Asia were Xiaxue and Kenny Sia (who put my blog on the radar just by mentioning me in passing). Nobody foresaw that in the not-so-distant future, pretty twenty-something year old college girls would make five figures just by attending events and writing about face creams from the comfort of their home. Ming and Tim, those visionaries, dreamt it and made it happen. But of course I had to pick that time to move away from Malaysia to England and stop blogging for five years.

As sweet as it is that my best friend is a Nuffnang talent and that I've met some really lovely people at the Nuffnang birthday parties as well as seen old friends really blossom through blogging, I've felt just a little left out that I wasn't part of this little club. I couldn't, I can't be! I don't live in Malaysia anymore, I spend maybe three months a year in K.L.? I pay taxes in England for fish sake. So, when Nuffnang expanded to the far West a year ago and invited me to join their happy UK family, it was a no-brainer. I answered with a resounding yes.

And now, Nuffnang UK is one...! Happy Birthday, Nuffnang UK, and here's to many more happy returns to come.

Original photo from Angela 'The Awkward Blog'  Instagram.

Last Sunday Nuffnang celebrated their first birthday with a party at Netil 360 in Hackney.

Photo by 'Fall for DIY'

Photo by 'Fall for DIY'

Vegan tacos that were tasty enough, but could have been improved with some meat. Hahahhaha I'm just joking. No I'm not. Interesting use of jackfruit in lieu of meat. I haven't had nangka (jackfruit) outside of Malaysia! Very commendable.

Caught up with my Malaysian sister from another mister Angela from 'The Awkward Blog' and my guardian angel Jesse from 'Hecticophilia' who keeps me sane. She's always there, just an email or tweet away, to rescue me from myself. 

I finally met Jean-Luc and Arya in person...! They are real! And...really hot. I can never read their emails the same way again.


Oh hai der.


Yes we ate all of the party supplies. I really want more jackfruit tacos now. Oh woe.

I met another ASEAN friend, the lovely Honey from The Girl Next Shore and we chatted about Jollibean and Singaporean supremacists. I missed Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries! This is why I shouldn't have showed up just at the last hour. Reading the other blogger's posts on the event made me realise I need to make more effort with my photos. AngelaFall for DIY, and alexianatouillia's posts cover Nuffnang UK's birthday party much better than I have. 
Thank you for having me Nuffnang UK and Happy Birthday! Please work hard and make me a Leica/ Go Pro ambassador. And make Coolio a hamster superstar soon, he's getting on in old age.

Other happenings and things I'm excited about:

'Illustrating Excellence by Jasiminne Yip' Interview with Cass Art

Cass Art interviewed me about my working methods and the 'Make A Splash' Watercolour challenge.  I also recommended my favourite art tools and suggested what to get if you're considered taking up illustration or painting. Useful for any budding artists out there. Read my interview here.

The Q camera

I saw this gorgeous peppermint camera pop up on my Instagram feed. It's the Q camera and all you have to know is that it has a 3G card, you can upload photos straight from the camera onto social media, it's waterproof (!), comes in many colours, and it's only $200.

I'm on the waiting list and it's killing me slowly inside. Oh God hurry up hurry up hurry up I want to take this camera with me on holiday!


My friend just launched his exciting London based start-up, Vidsy! I asked him to write a little blurb for my blog:

Vidsy is stirring up the way video content is produced for brands. Online video is one of the fastest growing digital marketing tools, brands are benefitting from; greater social engagement, click throughs and higher conversion rates than other forms of digital media. The Vidsy community is made up of a variety of talented video creatives who work, study or just enjoy experimenting with all forms of digital video and media. Vidsy enables creative to showcase their talent and creativity through unique video competitions and other opportunities published on the platform by brands. In an increasingly tough industry, Vidsy is paving the way to help talented creatives get in front of brands and build a name for themselves. While brands benefit from a quick, innovative and affordable way of satisfying the webs increasing demand for video driven marketing. All in all, Vidsy just wants to help brands and creative come together and make things happen!
I've recommended Vidsy to my friends in film and videography. Here's their Facebook page and their website

Favourite hamster videos of the moment:

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Where is episode 2?!

How to make thin hamster

Oh my God this is the most soothing thing ever. This makes me want to be assiduously petted kindly until I am made thin.


I love the Japanese for being such visionaries. Diana may have been obsessed with Coolio the hamsta's little wiggly butt, but it was the crazy Japanese that put out a book of Hamuketsu 'hamster butts'.

I want this book now. No ifs and butts about it.

That's all for today!

Regular programming ie. Cuba blog posts resumes tomorrow.



  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2014

    Can highly recommend the salon below Netil 360 for hair. Olivia who runs it is very talented http://www.glasshousesalon.co.uk/#_thesalon

    1. Ooooh, I'll check it out, thank you for the heads up (HA!) ! x

  2. Hiyaaaaaa! Thank you for the mention and no doubt you are one of the 'must-meet-again' people in my list hehehehe. I'm sorry we didn't get to say hi, or talk, or wave but I did feel sad when the bunch of balloons got away. Hope to see you soon! :D

    - alex

    1. See you soon, and this time we'll not let those balloons escape! x

  3. That dress looks soo good on you! And love the hair too! Happy bday Nuff :-)

    Thanks for the mention too! I am honoured to be included amongst hamster butts. they are the bestest.
    I had a hamster once but it was before instagrams. I'm pretty sure it'd be full of pics of her butt. <3

    1. You need to get a hamster and get back on the hamstergram! x

    2. My cats agree.. but it's just not a good idea! :-D

  4. HAHAAAA! That flat hamster video killed me. You need to try that technique out on Coolio!

    1. I did! It didn't work. Coolio isn't the placid type of hamster, he's hyperactive :\

  5. I love that you genuinely spread the blog love.

  6. oh my god, "assiduously petted until made thin," yes. You got a squeak laugh out of me.

    1. Don't forget 'ride kindly on hand and pet it gently'!

  7. Ahh this looked fun! I was totally meant to go, but was ill and just didn't feel up to it. Really sad to have missed it! xxx