Sir Reginald, Fancy Man of Chutney and The Dishonourable Max of Pembridge

May 10, 2014
Sir Reginald, Fancy Man of Chutney, and Lady Chutney.
On Thursday I introduced my husband du jour to my brother at The 25 Collection launch, Clerkenwell Collection. What happens when you put two war-loving military nuts together? They get on like a house on friendly fire. Max may have smashed Henry's glass with an exceptionally aggressive toast as a display of masculinity, but Henry lets his beard do the talking. "Don't worry Maximillian! You'll grow one when you make your first kill! That's the ticket to being a man!"

Max looking like the posho giving his pet thug orders to kill.
My brother, The Dishonourable Max of Pembridge. Love you big brother, and I know you do no matter how many of your broken bones, stitches, and fresh wounds I punch. 

Henry introduced himself, jokingly, to people as 'Sir Reginald, Fancy Man of Chutney' and you could tell who the status obssessed were from the way their eyes lit up and how they bowed professedly (and earnestly!) at His Fanciness. 

Fashion industry person: "Excuse me. Excuse me, Sir Reginald! I love your coat."
Henry: *overly posh voice* "Whaaaa thaaaank yaaaawh."
Them: "What make is it?"
H: "Ahhhh daaaan't knaaaaah."
Them: "Do you know the designer?"
H: "Nooooo, aahhhhh faaaand it."
Them: "Do you mean it's vintage?"
H: *switches to German accent* "Vell noooo. I took it off a corpse. At a funeral. All ze people veer crying and zere vas my chance. Open casket and all. Vell he wasn't going to need it vere he vas going, yah?"

Max caressing his balls.

Max reached into his left pocket. "Watch out, he's got a gun!"

Then he reached into his right. "Oh no, he's got another gun!"

"Who are you calling a horse thief? I did see a horse, but I didn't steal no horse, I ain't no goddamn horse thief!"

This is why Henry shouldn't drink. He's allergic. One glass of wine and he breaks out in fisticuffs.

Enough, children!

Stop pouting Henry, you have a loud thumb!

Quick watercolour of Henry and Max for the Cass Art 'Make A Splash' Watercolour Challenge.

I think I should have a watercolour accompanying each blog post! Sir Reginald would certainly approve.


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