The House of Peroni launch

May 09, 2014
I have been atrociously behind on my blogging. A whole week without, to quote one exasperatingly emotionally-invested (heavens knows why) 'follower of Posh, Broke, & Bored': "every detail of my winding stroll through the annals of decadence, extravagance and outrageously well-funded wellksajdvbwbeing being recorded and publicised". Well, yes. I blame getting married. Suddenly and surprisingly. To a complete stranger. These things tend to throw one off a little. But I'm not writing this to offer any excuses (simply because I make none, I am lazy, take it or leave it) but to share with you the delight that is the newly launched House Of Peroni.

The House of Peroni have taken over a townhouse in Lincoln's Inn Fields for the month of May.

Inspired by the year of 1963, The House of Peroni is three (I think, I was quite tipsy) stories of fashion, art, and food events. The house, to describe it simply, is a surreal Wonderland, each room transformed into visual and interactive installations and gastronomical experiences. 

T'was not the intention for me to blend in with the iconic black and white bar, but let's just say I did. I like to imagine that I am clever.

I have seen the world, beheld it's wonders, but in Lincoln's Inn Fields lies its greatest wonder yet.

Look at these, look at these, cocktails there!

Basil peach, prosecco, Peroni...these are probably the beeeeest driiiinks in Laaaaandan!

What with the price of peach when you get it...if you get YOU GET IT!?

Good you got it. 

I'd write far more descriptive captions but this launch happened a whole week ago (yes, I did say that one should blog about events immediately lest they become redundant or worse irrelevant) and my little brain's capacity has of late been occupied with finding a way to annul this marriage.

So for now, just experience The House Of Peroni for yourself. It's on till the end of May, admission is free, and it resides at 64 Lincoln Inn's Fields, London.

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