Summer of Love at The Scotch

May 14, 2014
Nichole and India threw a 'Summer of Love' party at The Scotch and gently demanded that we dress up with flowers, long hair, hippie fashions, and nudity. I brought two and a half out of four.

Wearing Linda Farrow glasses, and a mix of vintage and high street.

With my flower girls Nichole, Diana, and India.

Two watercolours from the night.

And of course the obligatory late night feast at Duck and Waffle.


Posh pork scratchings in a paper bag.

Oysters at four in the morning.

Of course I have to have the duck egg en cocotte.

When they arrived Henry shouted 'DUCK!' and dived under the table.

Please excuse the lazy captions, I have had nothing to eat but maggoty bread for THREE STINKING DAYS!

Henry typed the last sentence. Go away! Boys are so distracting. I'm going to lose all my followers.



  1. Love the whole outfit Jas! and your girlfriends looks amazinnngggg :)

    1. Hehehehe I knew you'd approve! Aren't you glad of the day Madam Lulu told me to stop wearing black, purple, and burgundy? ;) x

  2. Your life looks like so much fun!

  3. that skirt!!!!!!!! <3

    And I agree about the chest hair. Rrawr!

    1. Maxi skirts and chest hair for the win!
      Not worn at the same time though. or maybe...? x

  4. stunning outfit! may i steal? >;D