'I like your style, friend': Nichole

May 17, 2014
I'll be the first to admit that many of my friends are very easy on the eye, stylish, well dressed or at least have an inherent strong sense of personal style. I'm very lucky to be surrounded by such beauty. Perhaps I'm biased because I love them so much and therefore they are gorgeous in my eyes. But you know you're know you're (or they) are on to something when you can't walk down a street with them without getting street-style snapped, or go anywhere without being papped or asked where their threads are from. Some of them even volunteer outlandish personas created especially for the day (remember Sir Reginald Fancy Man of Chutney?). Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the loveliness that surrounds me, so there might well be a sort of series of blog posts featuring some of my beauties. Aptly named 'I like your style, friend' just because of it's simple sincerity and also because I like reading it out in a funny accent.

First up, Nichole.

L.A/Shoreditch girl. Artist. Vintage clothing enthusiast. Living pin up. Gangsta rap lover and big booty ho.

Not many people can pull off crazy prints, but with a face and energy like that she was born to wear the maddest of vintage styles.

Those accessorising skills.

My crystals I bought off a woman on Brick Lane market, two Sundays ago. For healing, love, sensitivity, ridding negativity, that sort of thing. I bought the lot for £40, and as per instructions left them in a bowl of salt for 24 hours to cleanse the crystals, then sifted the salt away into the toilet (to flush away all the bad stuff drained from the crystals coming in contact with other things), and keep them beside my bed, in a Fornasetti ashtray too pretty to use as an actual ashtray. 

Have I seen results? Well...love wise, right now I'm not exactly lacking in men declaring their adoration, fervent admiration, and pledging themselves to me. Jesus. It's either the rubies or the pheromones I bought off that suspicious looking one-eyed, toothless crone peddling bottles of ominous fluids in Clapham. 


I never go to South London.

Nichole's mama is an expert in crystals so when I go to L.A I shall beg her to change my life with her knowledge.

Nichole looking fly as feck even in her painting overalls. I want one too, in orange, that say Guantanamo Bay! Wait, that's in Cuba, where I'm heading to right now...wonder if they sell them in as souvenirs? 

I will be mostly disconnected from the internet when in Cuba but I've scheduled two more 'I Like Your Style, Friend' posts, so no one can accuse me of being lazy. Or not providing them eye candy.

Happy weekend.


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