House of Cuckoo at Taylor Taylor

May 15, 2014
On Tuesday I ventured to the other side of town for a little blogger's party hosted by the lovely Sarah of The Prosecco Diaries at Taylor Taylor in Notting Hill. The theme was 'healthy', and the House of Cuckoo rose spectacularly to the occasion with their fruit and vegetable cupcakesThe recommended intake of '5 (portions of fruit and veg) a day' has been bumped up to seven a day by the NHS, so I'll have four green tea mojitos and three pea cupcakes please, merci.

House of Cuckoo beetroot and vanilla cupcakes washed down with iced green tea mojitos. My favourite were the minted pea and vanilla cupcakes, when we were given boxes of four cupcakes to take away I swapped all the flavours for the pea ones. I love them! Not overly sweet, with just the right touch of freshness, and with hints of pea. House of Cuckoo please make these available in Waitrose too!


What's the difference between mash potato and pea soup?
You can mash potato but you can't pea soup.

Sorry not sorry.

I dragged the ever-obliging Henry along and together we braved the post-work rush hour crowd on The Underground. 

"Are we taking a locomotive, m'lady? How very modern!" 

I promised H that there would be bored bloggers' boyfriends (alliteration!) to keep him company while I mingled and sipped tea with my pinky extended, but he found himself very much alone. He didn't even invent a persona for the evening (he has previously escorted me as Sir Reginald Fancy Man of Chutney and Major Handsome Angus Hamilton Esq.). The poor thing.

"Ohhhhhhhh...! You told me that'd be boys my age for me to play with. I brought my Hot Wheels..."
*shuffles awkwardly outside, looking for a passerby to engage in fisticuffs*

We were treated to a spread of cupcakes, bellinis, and espresso martinis and green tea mojitos poured poured from and into charmingly mismatched porcelain.

Espresso martinis in delicate china, perfect for sipping daintily (and more importantly, discreetly) from at breakfast with the in laws.

Taylor Taylor's new Notting Hill salon has all the gilded, golden decadence of the Shoreditch original, and the credentials to match its glamourous setting. In just under twenty minutes my poker straight and notoriously stubborn hair (it just won't hold a curl for more than an hour) was transformed into a glorious mane of tumbling curls which as I speak (type) still retains its volume and shape. All without emptying two cans of hairspray on my head, as I am wont to do.


I am almost a lady. Almost.

Henry declares to me on a daily basis (whenever I am especially vulgar or unrefined) that "I'm leaving you and running away to the jungle to live with the cobras. They have better manners than you!"

"Who's that chum over there? I'm going to fight him!" *lunges at mirror* "Damn! He keeps blocking and countering all my moves!"

High on a deadly concoction of sugar and overwhelming amounts of oestrogen in the air (well, he was the only male guest there), Henry reverts into Russell Crowe mode...

...and sneaks up on unsuspecting people, looking to fight them...

Mostly he just spies on people like a demented bird watcher.

Also, it's quite surreal when at one in the morning you're sitting on the floor in your hallway with the male version of yourself, gasping, crying, and laughing hysterically to the point of hyperventilating while repeating the same (and now unfunny) joke* over. and over. again. Right next to your housemate's room, who's left her door open to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't drop dead from hysterics and she's shaking her head muttering "You both need help."

*"I'm starving! We ain't had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days!"

Diana doesn't get Lord of The Rings. She asked "Why don't the monsters (orcs and uruk hai!) just sell the ring (the ONE ring!) and buy fresh bread?" 

Also, this video needs to be made into an Oxfam advert: "These orcs are starving. They ain't had anything but maggoty bread in THREE STINKING DAYS." Text MEAT to 33333 and give £3 to the Orcs so they can have some meat." 

With the Sarah of The Prosecco Diaries who looked especially sunny and summery in her gorgeous floral top. We tried to geographically place the printmaker's country of inspiration for the print by figuring out where all the flowers were from (sakura? Japan. peonies? China? What are those? cabbage roses?).

House of Cuckoo gave us boxes of cupcakes to take home.

"This is what I meant when I said I'm good at boxing."

Take a seat, Henry! "Why thank you, I've always wanted a seat of my own!" *picks up chair and stashes it under his coat*

No, you can't take the plant home! Just leaf it! You wood be committing high tree-son!

With the lovely ladies from House of Cuckoo and Taylor Taylor. Thank you for looking after us! 

I brought home a generous goodie bag bulging with treats. I'm looking forward to bring to Cuba the Holistic Silk massage slippers, Wella hair mask, and Napiers Herbalists insect repellant cream. I bet the chocolates from Ombar and Duke of Delhi will be gone by the time I'm back in London, as will the Vivid Drinks matcha, miso soups from Miso Tasty, and the Rude Health rude muesli (I opened the bag and the muesli shouted at me "I don't like you!). The bath salts from The Bathory are all Diana's. I'm quite annoyed at myself for losing whatever it is Frame Shoreditch gave us, I do love that gym so much.

I lept on the back of my noble steed (Henry) and with a great neigh we galloped home to Shoreditch, stopping only to nibble on potted plants along the way.

Look, a rainbow! Did you also plan that, Sarah? Thank you for a lovely evening House of Cuckoo, Taylor Taylor, The Prosecco Diaries, and all the kind sponsors for your generous gifts! 



  1. AnonymousMay 15, 2014

    is this a new hewolf? he's perf! xN

    1. HEWOLF! I love that!
      I'm testing him out, he's on probation at the moment. ;) x

  2. Hi Jasiminne,

    Looks like you had a great time! We sent over some free class passes but it looks like they didn't arrive. We'd love for you to try a class, please email and we will book you in.

    All the best,
    Frame team x

    1. Ooooh yes how perfect! I'll do that as soon as I'm back from Cuba! Thank you! xx

  3. Gorgeous! Somehow I was reading this in British accent.

    1. Everything reads better in a British accent! ;) x

  4. SO so much love for this post. i do have such a weakness for all things tea(related). gaaaahhh!!!! :'D /swoon

  5. Fabulous! This house just looks cozy and natural! Loving all the colors and designs! So inspiring!