'I like your style, friend': Henry

May 20, 2014
The second post in a 'maybe series' of blog posts featuring some of my stylish, photogenic, and beautiful friends. Today's character goes above and beyond his clothes. His personal style manifests in his exuberance, outlandishness (no, he is not drunk), and the quirky things he does seemingly without pretense. Even his more calculated peacocking ie. inventing personas for him to play for an event; complete with outfit, accent, voice, and title is something you can't really contrive unless you're inherently, well, nutty. And this one is nuttier than squirrel poo. Meet my 'husband' Henry.

I seek him out at work and catch him on a cigarette and cocktail (fine, beer) break.

On a electrical box. Not even leaning on, or sitting gingerly with legs hovering just so over the ground to break the inevitable fall when one loses their balance. But perched on, squatting on, standing on. Like it's the most natural thing in the world.

His uniform; 'troll boots' (as Nichole puts it), army slacks, his 'bullet belt', favourite scarf, cigarette, and fists.

If there's two things he loves it's fighting and fighting 'round the world!

And terrifying my friends and acquaintances at 'fancy' places and events

Other signature accessories are storytelling, his impression of Adrian, different voices and accents, insane ability to memorise lyrics, scripts, and speeches (I've finally met the male version of myself!), his impressive chest hair (yes), and beard that puffs up when he gets angry (he has cats, and they taught him how to intimidate opponents in a fight) which I made him shave.


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