Behind the scenes with Malaysia Tatler

May 02, 2014
You may have seen on my Instagram (@jasiminne) that Malaysia Tatler made me their cover girl for May.

'Force of nature' indeed. I am, as D puts it, a 'testament to the power of shameless self-promotion' (Americans have the best sense of humour). What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? It gives birth to yours truly. Evidently. Happily the people who know me well know not to take me too seriously. Including D, three friends (all men!) have already made fun of me and my face on the cover. I believe the phrase was 'resting b*tchface'

Well now you know where I got it from. Bahahhaha our faces really macam loan shark. I cannot. "Where's my money?"

Behind the scenes pictures. Tatler got it right when they said that I'd accumulated more backstage footage than their photographer did. Asians at work? No, 'lifestyle blogger' (cringe) at work.

Photo from Malaysia Tatler website: Behind The Scenes: Vivienne Cheng and Jasiminne Yip
Photo from Malaysia Tatler website: Behind The Scenes: Vivienne Cheng and Jasiminne Yip
Give me those Dior shoes, now.

Mummy and I had our makeup done by Chu Fan using Shiseido. The 'sheer eye zone corrector' is the only thing that conceals my dark circles that I don't need to 'shop or filter them away. Of course, it works because it's being applied with foundation and powder, two things that are sorely lacking in my makeup bag. 

Chu Fan took one look at my overly dark, thick, straight with no arch eyebrows and recoiled in horror. I defensively told him that Korean style makeup is all the rage right now. He just sighed and shook his head, 'Straight eyebrows only work on long faces'. 

Then I had an epiphany, all the Korean pop stars, actors, and their army of imitators all have straight eyebrows because they all go to the plastic surgeon for the same look: the 'V-shaped face' with the chin implant. The eyebrows are to balance out the additional length added to their faces. 

I have a naturally pointy chin, but my face is more heart shaped and arched eyebrows work better for me. Chu Fan gave me a makeover and completely changed the shape of my brows.

"The dried branches and leaves set up for the shoot (are) a depiction of the dry spell we were experiencing with drying water supply and the inevitable haze." Malaysia Tatler

I was more concerned that the theme was dark fairytale for our mother and daughter shoot. Because as we all know, in fairytales (the originals, not the sanitised Disney versions), things never bode well for mothers and daughters. Pantang! But mummy and I? Our relationship is happily not at all Grimm (see what I did there!).

Wearing a Bottega Veneta piece from the runway that I dubbed 'the caveman dress'.

My second look is what I call 'the cupcake princess'.

Miu Miu dress and heels, and Ceres jewellery. The going price for the jewels on my neck were enough to pay a deposit on 15 two-bedroom apartments in London. Do the math.

I valiantly tried to work the dress, but I don't have the coltish, never-ending limbs needed to pull it off.

Nor the face. Harro!

Thankfully, this 'nautical but nice' Diane Von Fustenberg dress was much more flattering and elongated my silhouette.

Mummy wearing Prada.

Stylist Azza valiantly tried to wrestle my ample bosom into a Diane Von Furstenberg sample size crop top. She tried sewing ropes into the hoops to extend the width, flattening my chest, threatening my tatas with physical violence etc. but it just wouldn't happen. 

'Stop trying to make sample size happen, Azza, it's never going to happen!'

After many minutes of sweat and tears (mostly on her part) we gave up the battle and slipped me into a jumpsuit instead.

Also by Diane Von Furstenberg. 

This is actually one of my favourite pictures of myself from the shoot, because it depicts my masculine features in a strong and graceful way. I think I can live with my strong jaw, high cheekbones, and terrifyingly toned triceps. 

Prada dress, that on me looks more like a baggy towel.

A candid moment that perfectly captures my adoration for mummy. 

Appropriate given that our story is about our mother-daughter bond. Just in time for Mother's Day (celebrated in May by Malaysians, same as North America)

I bought the digital copy but can't wait to get my hands on the actual magazine. I'll share some screenshots of our spread, soon! 



  1. You look so cute with yr mother together! Lovely shots ^^

  2. Hahaha...I photobombed you drinking my tea.

    1. That green tea was amazing! Kept me going through a long day! x

  3. Nu uh!!!! on the cover? Well done, you asked - you received!!! grats!

  4. Cover girl, congratulations! Beautiful pictures of you and your maman. Is it possible to read the article online?
    You're right about the Miu Miu dress and The Prada "towel"; not the best choice for you (or anyone?). The other ensembles are really "wow" though. :-)

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah to pull of the Prada and Miu Miu dress you have to be very tall and very long limbed. 'Normies' like me need not apply. *sad face*

      You can download the article on Google Play, iTunes (what I did) etc here:


  5. your favourite shot of you in the jumpsuit happens to be my favourite, too ((: