Battersea Power Station 1st Annual Party

May 01, 2014
Yesterday evening Battersea Power Station threw their first annual party, and as a proud owner of one of their new properties, Phase One: Circus West, it would have been rude of me to decline the invitation...! 

Sir Elton would have never approved.

So I dragged Edd down to Battersea Power Station with me to check out my new pad (and to try to convince him to buy it off me), and to join me for an evening with Tom Odell, Sir Elton John, as well as to show our support for local charities.

The information I received on the dress code was confusing; the physical invite said 'festival chic' but my agent at BPSTN said 'smart casual', so what is one to do? Always best to be just slightly overdressed, it implies that you have somewhere more important to go after. 

The grounds definitely had a carnival vibe going on, and made me feel less bad about not being adventurous enough for music festivals. 

Edd: "We need a hashtag for Twitter!" 
Me: "How about #F**kCoachella?"

I was lured by this enormous piggybank and did exactly what it was designed to do; to entice people in donating. All funds go to four chosen local charities, one of which is Battersea Cats and Dogs Home.

I shoved my note in but it got stuck in the chimney.

Team Battersea anticipated such a thing, and had a long metal ruler on standby to 'unblock the chimneys', as it were.

Inside the marquee. Contemplating whether or not to climb into the cage. I would, but Edd is far too sensible and wouldn't goad me into doing it.

Edd being dapper and bemused, thank you for looking after me all evening.

Keeping in simple with a palette of monochrome and red.

B is for Bleecker, burger, bubbly, Boy, and Battersea Power Station.

Our entertainment for the evening was a performance by Sir Elton.

 Opening for him was Tom Odell.

Edd and I were right up in the front (about four rows deep) and we didn't appreciate how strong the crowd was until we turned around and were confronted by this.

Oh my goodness!

We were treated to a powerful, emotional, and passionate performance from Tom Odell and his band.

Basking in the glow of the illuminated Battersea Power Station beneath the moon under soaring skylights and lit by lasers, it was a rather moving and surreal experience.

I shouted "Take your top off!" at Tom and he actually laughed nervously "You're making me blush!". Well, it's the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls, I couldn't let that one pass!

And I may have been very, very tipsy after three glasses of Veuve Clicquot on an empty stomach. 

Sir Elton came on stage (only three minutes later than scheduled!) to uproarious applause.

The screams from the audience were enough to topple the Power Station, bring down the chimneys, shatter the skylights.

There were so many cameras, smartphones, and tablets filming Sir Elton. For that one and a half hour that he performed, London was the brightest city in the world. You could probably have seen the glow from space.

It's quite surreal (in a good way) being so close to someone whose songs you've grown up with.

The man has serious stamina, he played the piano and sang for one and a half hours straight without a break (but for sips of water, and to stand up and bow to the crowd between songs). I was only sad that he didn't sing 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?' Because we all did. The adoration in the air was so overwhelming that I was accidentally impregnated by osmosis.

We love you Sir Elton!

After Sir Elton bid us goodnight, we headed outside to catch a glimpse of the light show.

How strange that the Power Station and scaffolding surrounding it is almost monochrome, in stark contrast to the colours elsewhere. This looks like two photos spliced into one.

The fire dancers kept us warm and occupied with their flames while we waiting for the light show.

And it begins...!

I wish I could've captured it on video, but the music accompanying the show was being pumped out via headphones that we were all given to wear, so filming it on my camera wouldn't have made any sense either way. 

Take my word for it that it was stunning!

That night we witnessed and 'celebrated the transformation of an icon in the presence of another'.

I haven't smiled this much, or had so much fun in a long time. 

This party has almost made me not want to sell my Circus West flat!



  1. Your shoes! Pray tell, where can one get them?

    1. They're really old so I'm afraid they're sold out! x

  2. oh yes, I noticed the lovely shoesies also . . . just catching up on your blog after a brutal month and forgetting the internet even exists, so much work. Ah, your blog is so much fun.