Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2014 Day 5 / Who is Gatsby?

April 02, 2014
'...and Who Is Gatsby? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Stylo Girl...'

(I miss Gossip Girl from before the plot lines veered into the ridiculous and just plain unimaginative, reworking Blair into a sort of Upper East Side bow clad wearing Charlene of Monaco, really?)

Jovian Mandagie showing us just why he's the King Of Stylo.

No, I don't know who Gatsby is and why the highlight of the six-day F1 themed fashion festival was called 'Who is Gatsby?...A Vintage Party'. But I can say with some certainty that although the 1920s theme is getting rather done to death now (I blame you, Baz Luhrmann) I am glad that it encouraged the invitees---or at least the socialites and fauxcialites---to dress up (I hate the generalisation that Malaysians don't make as much as an effort) and glad the party was held at the much vaster, less stiflingly hot Hap Seng Star (hello high ceilings and air-conditioning).

Ever more pleasing that two of my favourite South East Asian designers Jovian Mandagie and Zang Toi were showing. I very much enjoyed the night's  'BDSM meets military chic meets Gothic Lolita meets Eliza Doolittle goes to the Ascot all blinged up in ice' vibe.

With my xiao meimei (little sister) Nana and xiao didi (little brother) Arran. We are three Leos, and collectively the most adorable little divas. What is the collective noun for Leos? A vanity of Leos? A tantrum of Leos? Anyway, the caption should read: L-R; Da hiao po, xiao hiao po, and xiao gong zhu. Oh no, those nicknames have stuck, what have I done?

I finally had an occasion to dig out the Chanel Westminster and drape myself in pearl necklaces (not that sort, you hiao po).

Fellow in the front row; Datins, dignitaries, and socialites adorned in pearls, feathers, and flowers.

Spotted, Kee Huat Chee defying the dress code and just being, well, himself.

This might actually be the most terrifying thing I've seen on a runway. Who doesn't enjoy Victorian sideshows,  nightmarish circus performers, and the age old question 'Is it or isn't it exploitation?' 

My favourite looks from that night---

Fairuz Ramdan's 'someone's been drinking while BDSM-ing' styling with his gentry in the city' collection gave me some ideas...good ideas. How annoyed I am that I threw out most of my military jackets, tweed, and S&M accessories. Time to go shopping.

I loved Zang Toi's collection which I dub 'Eliza Doolittle overcompensates at the races'.

I'm actually considering ordering this look to wear to Royal Ascot this year. Why? Because YOLO, that's why. Also, I can't stop saying YOLO ironically. It's really, really bad.

My favourite look from Zang Toi---

I think the mustache makes it.

The slightly gothic mood from the previous two shows were broken up with this clean, minimal, presentation.

 I can't remember the designer's name but I love these iPhone necklace cases so much.

An interlude with the 'Mercedes-Benz STYLO Emerging Designers 2014 Finals'.

I call this look 'virginal Viking in Springtime'.

And then, my personal highlight of the evening, Jovian Mandagie's 'Splash of Romance' bridal collection.

There were plenty of beautiful wedding gowns showcased but I only had eyes for this one!

The dress glided ever so slowly and deliberately to a version of Young and Beautiful so unusual I couldn't Shazam it (It sounded like the orchestral version Kanye used to propose to Kim with, with a bit of electro, and of course featuring Lana's husky vocals). That sheer train billowing like a ghostly curtain in the breeze...those sleeves like the wings of a rare, mythical bird, the daring simplicity of it all offset only by the lace detail. 

Call off the search, I've found my wedding dress. Well, one of my many wedding dresses. 

The only problem is that one cannot toss the bouquet in this dress.

Just a minor inconvenience, then. What was that saying? Oi leng, moi meng---beauty over health.



  1. Your descriptions of the runway outfits are hilar. Please do more fashion blogging.
    Love, R.x

    1. Ahahaha I'd be the worst fashion blogger, all I'd do is snark snark snark. x