May projects and (art) happenings.

April 30, 2014
I am SO excited for the merry month of May...! 

Not just because of mine and mummy's feature in Malaysia Tatler (I hope they've airbrushed me flawless) is in the coming month's issue, that D is moving back in with me (reunited and it feels so gooooood), or Ciara, Luxy's, and my trip to Cuba (although that is a lot to be happy for!). But also because of the wealth of projects coming my way, and the many art-related happenings in London. 

A lot of said happenings---exhibitions, shows, private views---are free, another reason to love this fair city. Last Sunday I had a (heated) discussion about what wealth really is. I agree with my esteemed opponent that being able to walk through a park, to stop and pick some flowers to tuck in one's hair is a privilege and makes one richer for it. Likewise, wealth is the opportunity to carelessly wander, dream-like, into (most) galleries in London for free, waltz through an exhibition,  and leave enriched. Like YashkaThor explained to me, luxury isn't about price. It's about priority, quality, and also, I think, choice, and the freedom and opportunity to make those choices. You can live in London with so little money yet be so enriched; with all the parks, galleries, interesting character, and beauty around you.

Speaking of interesting characters I woke up to two dreadful videos on my phone of Luxy and I singing (shrieking) Bohemian Rhapsody in her car last night after we left Duck & Waffle on a food high. That is another example of wealth! To sing (screech) like harpies with your friend after a good (and damn it was good! Everybody go order the wild mushroom bread and the gnocchi now!) meal. We are so blessed, and life is so beautiful.

Anyway I've gone off on a huuuuuuuge tangent, but can you blame me when I'm so happy to be alive?

Here are the art-related projects and happenings in May that I'm looking forward to. One day more!

Cass Art Make A Splash Watercolour Challenge

Cass Art invited me to join the 'Make A Splash' watercolour challenge in which I paint fifty watercolours over fifty days. They sent me a set; gorgeous brushes, a palette, and a lofty book of watercolour paper sheets for me to play with. 

The premise is that I produce fifty watercolours by the end of May, and upload them to social media with the #MakeASplash hashtag and tag @CassArt on Twitter, or @CassArtLondon on Instagram. My uploads should be tagged #Watercolour1, #Watercolour2 etc. but going by my ineptitude at watercolours my hashtags will more like #someonehelpme1 etc. 

My first watercolour attempt was a kale leaf (I'm on a kale diet to slim down for Cuba, which I must share) and my frustration at controlling the very delicate watercolours is evident in my signing off with 'Kale me now'.

Cass Art are having a massive sale on watercolour supplies (up to 75% off) so if you're considering joining the Make A Splash Watercolour Challenge, or even exploring the wonderful (and fiddly) world of watercolour, there's your incentive right there.

Who else agrees that Anya Hindmarch's dust bags are the perfect book bags? Their horizontal orientation means that the weight is distributed evenly, which is great for paper and books. The strap length lets the bag sit comfortably near the waist for easy foraging. The pattern is so simple, chic, and so easy on the eyes. It helps too that I love stripes! Also, because it's just a dust bag and easy to wash one doesn't feel too precious about throwing one's art supplies and books inside or putting it down on the floor. Unlike my Sofia Coppola which has it's own dust bag to sit on when in restaurants, and gets here own chair.

Supplies! My Watercolour Challenge supplies. Besides the watercolour kit I also have sea salt (great for sprinkling on wet paint for a sparkly texture), a little glass jar for water, my Sisley makeup pouch to hold my brushes, and Kuala Lumpur 'A Sketchbook' for inspiration. I want the London edition! And of course the Anya Hindmarch bag to carry it all in. 

Chanel Spring 2014 Act 2 Collection

Speaking of painting...

...I am in madly in love with the new Chanel handbags from their Spring 2014 Act 2 collection!

But I finally found the Chanel Le Boy in the colour I wanted so I can't afford to get another Chanel purse this month. Or until summer, really. *screams and throws Le Boy across room*

This tube strike better end by May (in other words by today), even with Bounce and Uber's tube strike promotions taking cars around London several times a day gets uber (haha) expensive.

Adel: "What a shame."
Me: "Yeah yeah yeah, stop being so smug from the Middle East. I hope your camel gets clamped."

Edible Masterpieces 

Edible Masterpieces is the latest initiative by Art Fund. One bakes or cooks something inspired by a work of art or cultural icon to raise money for the arts. The tagline is 'Fundraising for art --- it's a piece of cake' which makes me so happy. Baking, fundraising, and art are three of my favourite things and puts the fun in fundraising!

Jackson Pollock inspired rice krispies, Damien Hirst inspired cake, and my favourite, Sarah Lucas's self-portrait. I showed it to Diana and we were in appreciative hysterics for a good five minutes.

The deadline is 9 May, and if you want to take part you can order a fundraising pack, from their website, which also provides recipes you can use. Art Fund very kindly provides useful downloads; if you choose to host an event to auction off your edible masterpieces. Rosettes, treasure hunts, event invitations, and gift aid forms etc., so everything is catered (haha) for!

Personally I don't think anyone would pay to eat anything I bake so I'm going to make something for myself, eat it all, and just donate to Art Fund. 

There are other ways to support Art Fund, from as little as £21.75 a year you can buy a national art pass which gives you benefits like 50% off many major exhibitions, free entry to over 200 museums, galleries and historic houses, and the nice feeling (I call it the philanthropic fuzzies) that one is helping supporting museums and galleries all over the UK. One can also join their volunteer fundraising committees and help with events, organising fundraisers, or just volunteering in one of their offices throughout the counties.

Also, don't forget to take the 'Which Cake Are You?' quiz. I got 'fancy, show off millefeuille, always the centre of attention'. Of course. 


Exhibitions and shows I'm looking forward to this month.

Caitlin Art Prize 2014 at London Newscastle Project Space. Opens tomorrow, at First Thursdays on Redchurch Street. See you all there!

Berndnaut Smilde: Antipode at Ronchini Gallery. I love his surreal photographs of clouds floating serenely in opulent spaces...I think I've had many dreams like this before...yes.

Slim's Riviera at Getty Images gallery. I'm missing Cannes Film Festival so Slim Aaron's photos of the jet set at play shall have to do for now as my injection of luxury and glamour.

Also on my list are Under the Influence: John Deakin and the Lure of Soho at Photographer's Gallery, David Robilliard: The Yes No Quality of Dreams and Walerian Borowczyk: The Listening Eye at ICA. Of course one must catch Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at The Tate Modern. And I am definitely the only person left in London who hasn't caught Martin Creed's 'What's The Point of It?' at The Hayward (it ends on Monday, eek!).

Note to self, nip down to The Serpentine Gallery (or even Dover Street Market) to sniff out 'Serpentine', the new fragrance collaboration between Commes des Garcons and Serpentine Gallery. The bottle and packaging is designed by Tracy Emin, that alone makes it a collectible! I must have it. I wouldn't even care what it smells like, but happily it's 'a blend of iris leaf, juniper wood and nutmeg...reflecting Serpentine’s location amongst the green grass and fresh flowers at Kensington Gardens' and the design is inspired by 'the seductive nature of spring and romantic rendezvous at the galleries'. Perfect!

I'm adding Serpentine and Jasmin et Cigarette to my Spring fragrance options.

Others / dan lain lain 

Besides at least a couple of proposals I need to write as a follow up to briefs that clients have suggested, I have to  find a way to integrate my work blog into Posh, Broke, & Bored. Or is that a bad idea? It's just that maintaining all these different blogs is just so much work, and also duplicating content for different platforms.

I'm looking for a publisher to pick up Audaciously Yours . Malaysia needs more topical comics! I am the hero that you deserve and the one you need right now! I've put out an SOS call in my interview for the Malaysia Tatler feature, like the bat signal projected into Gotham City's next sky. I hope a fantastic Malaysian (or elsewhere even) publisher takes note and approaches me.

I need to produce a body of work large enough by this year, if I am to have my first solo exhibition for next spring! And no, the fifty watercolours from the Make A Splash challenge do not count.  

I'm also looking for luxury lifestyle writers based in Kuala Lumpur, for a fantastic startup of a friend of mine's.  If this is something you think you'd like to do, drop me an email! jasiminne (at) gmail (dot) com.

Abrupt end of this post because it's now nearly noon and I haven't eaten yet.



  1. Check out Tempus Fugit at 132 Commercial Street!

  2. Ooooh I have been eyeing that Chanel bag as well! Gorgeous little thing...I also love your red boy! * starry eyed *

    1. Red is the warmest colour, haha!
      Damnit, just when I saved up to buy a purse, I want another one... -_- x

  3. grrr, i miss London. Looking forward to your visits & followup photos to all of the above so I can live through the pics!

  4. AnonymousJune 25, 2014

    Gorgeous Boy but I just LOVE the new season Chanels! And yes, the Anya Hindmarch dustbag is so useful (I'm pretty sure she's the only designer who gives her dust bags handles) - which of her "proper" bags did you get?

    1. The dust bag was from either the Earl Bottom Pinch tote or the Headline tote! x