I ♥ Malaysia Airlines

April 21, 2014
The prodigal daughter returns! 

To London, that is, I feel I need to clarify that because I'm either returning to Kuala Lumpur or London. Living in two cities is romanticised as having the best of both worlds but people tend to glaze over the fact that one also get the worst of both worlds. 

I got back yesterday evening, safely by care of Malaysia Airlines*. And why shouldn't I? One tragic incident in an otherwise excellent safety record and the world turns to mock or shun our world-class airline which until now has only ever been on peoples' lips for their hospitality and service. We all know my strong feelings about this, national newspaper The Star quoted me in this article and heck, the debut issue of my topical comic series Audaciously Yours opened with a scene in  an A380 airbus with the narrator singing MAS's praises. 

Audaciously Yours Week 1: The Prodigious Daughter Returns. September 2013. 

*to be honest when the captain announced at the beginning of the flight that four passengers aren't making their flight and having their luggage removed, I got paranoid and my mind jumped to a thousand conspiracy theories. Do they know something we don't? I'm generally uneasy on airplanes. But then I remembered that two fortune tellers predicted that I'd be married, or have announced the intention to, by the end of next year. So I have at least a good one and a half years ahead of me. I think of that whenever I need reassurance in the face of impending danger.

So while people make passing (and insensitive, may I add, have they paused to consider that being Malaysian there's a good chance that I know people on the missing flight?) jokes about me flying MAS "Oh, I hope your plane doesn't go missing" and the sort (yes, you're so witty and original) I'm here to rebuke them. Not by stooping to particularly unsophisticated lows, but by showing them just why I love Malaysia Airlines so much.

My new favourite travelling tote, the Dior Addict I was surprised with

First and foremost, the food. Airplane food is generally horrendous but MAS is not bad at all, very good even (by airplane food and sometimes even 'normal food' standards). 

That they serve a choice of Malaysian dishes is no small comfort to me, a woman who finds herself torn between her home country and the one she makes her life in.

I tried for the first time the Chef-on-call service where one books the main course of their meals in advance. I got to choose from fifteen of their ever-changing monthly specials available to frequent flyers.

It was really quite fun selecting my meals from an online menu full of pretty photos. Here's a secret, before I visit a restaurant I browse, days ahead, the menu, decide what I want, and spend the nights before salivating of anticipation in my sleep. There's nothing like anticipation to whet the appetite.

Of course one must have the MAS signature drink, Ruby Passion, calamansi juice flavoured with tropical spices.

Lunch naturally started with an appetiser of Malaysia Airlines' signature satay which they've served from the very beginning, and has been produced in their in-house kitchens since 1973. I truly settle into a flight only after I've had my MAS satay.

The second starter; smoked chicken salad with rocket, diced mango, and raspberry chilli dressing.

For my mains I had pre booked the oven cooked lamb with sweet potato.

It was nice enough but nothing beats the nasi lemak!

Pudding was a satisfyingly dense chocolate brioche and english toffee pudding, topped with slices of caramel, chunky toffee, sautéed banana and drenched in vanilla anglaise.

And Kapiti vanilla bean ice-cream.

I was too full for the fruit and cheese selection so I passed, yes, I could have ordered it anyway to photograph for this post but I feel bad about wasting food. Especially on a flight where someone else probably really wants the cheese and crackers more than I do.

I always enjoy their travel magazine Going Places.

On snap I forgot to take a copy for myself. Woe betide me, and this the food issue with so many recommendations of wonderful places I wanted to try! At least I had the foresight to photograph my favourite articles...

While the latest craze in London is hating on the burger craze in London, the yet to be jaded foodies in Malaysia are eager to get their fill of charcoal buns, towering stacks of twenty five patties in one burger, and fusions of chicken thigh and steak fillings.

Damnit I want a burger now.

I want to go to Ipoh! Missing Marbles, Lucky 8, Ben & Lynette's, The Roquette, The Patisserie BoutiQue...just five reasons to make the two hour drive from K.L. Let's go, Michiekins?

I maintain my grasp on Bahasa Melayu by reading their Malay language articles and translating them to English. 'Kecil, cantik, molek' is now my new favourite thing to say aloud to myself when I'm alone. For the last month it was my impression of Michiekins screeching 'Enough ah!' which always randomly escapes my mouth whenever I'm driving haha.

I always get plenty of work done on my thirteen hour flights between London and K.L.

Here's a thought: Flying from K.L to London is thirteen hours, and because of the time zones I gain eight hours. Thirteen minus eight is five, does that mean I was only technically in the air for five hours? Does this make me a time-travelling wizard?! Ooooooooh. *dons pointy hat*

No photos of myself because I had no makeup on, so here's one of me on my screen. Editing photos from the Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner party in Danga Bay with Chef Viet Pham. It was a riot and I can't wait to blog about it. I did post bits of it on my Dayre if you can't wait that long.

I also take the opportunity to reorganise my purse. Long haul flights are best for doing mundane and tedious tasks.

Soon after I fully reclined and went to sleep for at least six hours. I fell asleep right away, this time I didn't even have to ask for my usual snack of chicken noodle soup and scotch on the rocks.

A couple of hours before landing we were woken up for a light meal.

Seared tuna and asparagus salad.

I pre booked my mains again using the online Chef on call service. This time it was linguini served in a creamy tomato sauce, diced mango, asparagus, and grilled prawns.

I finished my meal with an espresso which gave me all the energy I needed for the rest of the evening.

Despite a twenty minute delay thanks to heavy air traffic and a terrifyingly busy day at Heathrow, I whizzed through immigration with my hot pink Premier Lane pass (thank God for small mercies), waited only five minutes for luggage, and got back to the apartment in under an hour.

Coolio the hamster peed on me by way of welcome so my day was of course perfect.

I've been up since six this morning. I was unpacking and tidying the moment I got back, passed out from exhaustion and went to bed early, and now I'm awake at an unfeasibly early hour. On a bank holiday Monday too! I'll probably go back to sleep at around lunch and be back on London time by tomorrow.

I promise to answer my phone by tomorrow. Promise.

Thank you for having me, Kuala Lumpur. Hello again London.



  1. welcome back :) http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I thought everyone researched the restaurant before going ---! I certainly do.. I even read some reviews to inspire my choices if I haven't been there before.

    Burger craze is everywhere.. Just discovered a little tavern here in Prague and had the best burger ever. Not to mention their pulled pork, cheddar & jalapeño loaded fries...

    1. Yes! I too read reviews and blog posts before I visit, there's nothing like it to build up anticipation!

      Well I guess I'm coming to Prague then, I love jalapeño fries (especially when heaving under melty cheese) and pulled pork OMG now I'm hungry. x

  3. Great post! Always enjoy reading your posts. Also stand with u with all these ridiculous judgment on MAS because of the tragedy. I'm a Malaysian and i still take MAS after the tragedy. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you! We need to show our support by being loyal to what we believe in. United we stand divided we fall. Malaysia Boleh! x

  4. Just wanted to say how much i love your blog, writing style, and you of course!
    Nice to have a wide variety of topics on a blog!


    1. THANK YOU!
      Well my blog is a personal one, not a specific ie. fashion, food, travel (because I am not an authority on any of these things haha) hence the variety x

  5. were you sponsored to write this post? lol.

    read you avidly when you were on tumblr.. i miss your insanely opulent indulgent recipes <3

    1. If I was you'd know, I always disclose when my posts are sponsored or paid for!
      Actually I think I've got a recipe coming up soon... x

  6. still, two incidents the same year is not too much. I just hate it when people overlook incidents like these