What's In My Bag; Taupe and Mint.

March 20, 2014
Of all the many small victories that enrich my life (end of the day slashed prices at Waitrose, shoving my size 7 feet into a 6.5 shoe, shopping on The Outnet, waiting time for an Uber is less than 2 minutes etc.) none is so triumphant as pulling together a new handbag and refreshing its contents for a new season. Last winter I had an affair with a lady in red, my Sofia Coppola but decided that Spring should be a much more neutral but no less muted affair. I love my mum's taupe Saffiano but had to begrudgingly hand it back to her, so imagine my delight when I found a not entirely dissimilar version by H&M! Cheap as chips too, at £35. Of course for that price I could easily buy a knock-off Prada Saffiano but you know what my thoughts are on that. So whatever I saved from buying H&M instead of Hermes I allowed myself to spend on changing the contents of my purse, from wallet to iPad case to *ahem* a new camera. 

My new work bag for Spring. As well as everything in the picture above I also managed to squeeze in my macbook, my macbook charger, my travel documents, a jumper, and a few magazines. Lugged it all onto my flight back to Kuala Lumpur and surprise surprise, it fit in my seat's side compartment (beneath the window)! Impressed.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur yesterday evening (Malaysian time) and the moment I landed I was faced with first world problems after first world problems. First, my driver couldn't come for me as both cars decided to not work (even the brand new SUV! I'm baffled) so I had to take a taxi from the airport for the first time. Then I find out my neighbourhood is subject to water rationing because a dam (or pipe) burst and the incompetent council took forever to deal with it so now my 20 minute twice a day showers in which I belt a catalogue of Disney songs has now been reduced to 5 minutes (that's barely 1.5 renditions of Let It Go!). Oh and I've been awake since dawn because of my jet lag...great. 

My flight was plagued by turbulence throughout and I won't lie, I had some seriously dark thoughts. Despite being a frequent flyer, despite knowing that airplanes are statistically the safest mode of transport, despite knowing that Malaysia Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world and that their pilots are exceptional (smoothest landings ever. Worst landings? The Chinese pilots...they fly too many military planes). I saw on Instagram Sherin declaring that nothing falters her pride, faith, and confidence in MAS and I agree. Now even more than ever we have to show our loyalty to our beloved airlines which I honestly feel is one of our best exports and gift to the world. I'm quite certain many Malaysians feel this way, this unwavering national pride for our country, especially when the eyes of the world look to and cast doubt on us. Malaysia Boleh


My luggage for my month in Malaysia. Just to clarify, I am really a very light packer. The Paul & Joe cat print suitcase is indeed packed full but none of the contents are mine! Just gifts for people and handbags I'm returning to mum (goodbye for now, Le Boy and Baobao clutch).

A look inside my Mary Poppins bag.

iPhone / Ted Baker wallet / Ted Baker iPad mini case /  Leica D Lux 5 (titanium) / Lumix GF6 / notebook and book for reading while travelling / Sisley pencil case / Moo business cards / H&M 'Love' wallet (makeup bag) / Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura eye pallet / Vaseline Pink Bubbly, Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in avocado and pomegranate / Chanel No.5 Eau de Premiere / Chanel Cuir du Russie / Disney Princess plasters 

Ted Baker Pezie wallet / Chanel perfume bag iPhone case.

I love my phone case even though everyone and their grandmother also have one. I thought I'd get a bit sick of seeing it everywhere, but now I actually just nod knowingly at when I see someone with the same phone case. Same with when I see someone with the same H&M bag with me, the black is especially popular in London.

My new Ted Baker wallet. Everything about it is perfect to me---the shade of mint green...

...the little bow clasp...

...the monochrome floral lining, the little details like embossed quotes and button on the zip, and that it's full of compartments (important because I carry different currencies and stash receipts for tax purposes), long enough for notes yet very slim.

I know it's a bit silly to rave over a wallet but I appreciate good design when I see it. I love beauty. I can't help but take out my wallet when I'm bored, pour over all these details again and again, grinning stupidly to myself. In the words of my ex "I love you despite you being massively dorky, not because of it".  May my wallet last longer than our relationship.

"The more you give, the more you get". I firmly abide by this. I am very generous and despite giving away everything I have to all my friends, acquaintances and strangers (it just feels good!) I still have a lot. Sometimes not that much, but I've never had to starve or want for anything. At the very least I have just enough to get by, and that's all one really needs. I remind myself of my blessings and express my gratitude by giving freely, wherever and whenever I can.

Cerebral and work-related contents.

iPad mini, Ted Baker iPad mini case, Sisley makeup bag that I use as a pencil case, PaperLuxe note book, illustration and blog business cards by Moo, and my current read A London Address: The Artangel Essays.

A new addition, sketchbooks by Valentino! Love the whimsical watercolours on the cover and that each notebook has different types of pages. The one in the front is blank, and one of them is lined, the other has grids.

My day fragrance, Chanel 'No.5 Eau Premiere'. My night fragrance, Chanel 'Cuir de Russie'.

I'm thinking of getting a new floral day fragrance. Viktor & Rolf 'Bon Bon', Miss Dior 'Blooming Bouquet', Dolce by 'Dolce & Gabbana' are all on the cards. I won't lie, I've never actually smelled any of the perfumes. I want them for their bottles and how pretty they'd look on my dressing table.

My makeup bag is a H&M wallet and fits my (sadly discontinued) Vaseline Pink Bubbly, Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams, Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld eye palette, and a plethora of makeup items that I didn't include because they're not particularly photogenic.

And finally, my cameras.

My Leica D-Lux 5 has been around forever and I still stand by it as a great compact camera. It's especially good for party photography I find. But I need a compact camera with the option of interchangeable lenses for when I go to event and don't want to carry the DSLR (which has now sadly been relegated to the task of taking photos of my other cameras, oh woe) and more importantly an articulated screen that I can swivel to face me when taking selfies.

And that would be the Lumix GF6! I love everything about it except that the lens it comes with cannot take a macro to save it's life. That's why I have the Leica on me as well.

Abrupt end of blog post because I have switch the contents of my purse into a smaller handbag for going out. Now that I'm in K.L and driving I can shove everything into the glovebox and go out with just a clutch! Not to say that I don't love my new handbag, I do, but just let me enjoy having a lighter load for once. 



  1. I cannot imagine what magical spell you use to fit all of that into a bag.
    On a side note, creepy! Just the other week I bagged myself the same mint purse & tote from Mr Baker!!

    1. I consider myself a bit of an expert packer, if it doesn't fits, it still sits!



  2. Please, where can I buy these wonderful sketchbooks by Valentino

    Thank you <3

    1. I don't know if you can, they were a gift with my purchase from Valentino but I can send you the one on the far right if you email me a posting address. (it's new and I already have so many) x