Tribal Media 1st Birthday + Sushi Samba

March 06, 2014
Luxy's baaaaaaack! *squeals like a fat hamster stuck under a door*

I haven't seen this one in two months! Of course I had to go back to Malaysia for a month and return to London after she leaves for Australia for a month. It's as though the universe (or rather the driving force behind our schedules) is conspiring to keep us apart. But you know what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder, or rather time apart accumulates incredible tales to regale each other with upon your reunion. I don't think Sushi Samba has ever seen anyone who punctuated every sentence with a scandalised scream, rocked back and forth in hysterical laughter, and snort into their green tea as often as I did. Mon dieu. Luxy! We both just can't be left alone without supervision, can we?! Oh, our's so good to know that even when we're apart we still find ways to be connected through our hijinks. Love you!

We struggled to save our shocking stories for dinner, for first we had to keep tight-lipped and reasonably well-behaved at Tribal Media's birthday party.

Luxy and the glamourous Mel of Tribal Media. Congratulations on your 'baby's' first birthday! I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to bring a singing balloon. Good luck with your Nepali trek, and remember what I said about eating bugs and worms in a pinch (high in protein, good sustenance): Hakuna Matata! Don't worry you'll be fine, the worse that will happen is that there's no 4G in the mountains. Safe trip! 

I'm wearing Uniqlo jeggings and turtleneck, and my 'elf-on-crack' slippers with Chanel Le Boy because nice hair, don't care. I'm too old and tired to dress glamourously. And also because I just had my butt kicked at the gym. Tip: one does not simply go from sedentary to one hour of high-intensity cardio and ballet-fitness fusion. 

Luxy's wearing heeeeeeeels! 

Rollerblading by night on the mean streets of Shoreditch (Luxy locked the car doors as we drove through my 'hood, haha) because why not?

Chanel Le Boy / Saint Laurent Arty ring / Uniqlo jeggings / Charles & Keith loafers

It was Luxy's first time at the Heron tower!

She wanted Duck & Waffle but they were at capacity, which astounds me because the place always has a table for me. But then again I always go at three in the morning.

So we went to Sushi Samba instead which is just as well because Luxy wouldn't eat meat "It's Ash Wednesday! I can't give up Twitter for Lent so I'll not eat meat instead!"...what would she eat at Duck & Waffle?! "Oh I'll just have the waffle" NO.


I thought that Sushi Samba was a fusion of only Japanese and Brazilian. I didn't know about the Peruvian elements too. Nice one.

We had the crispy yellowtail taquitos...

...and assortment of tiraditos---

...chicarron de calamar (fancy name for sweet & sour fried calamari)... vegetable tempura with shichimi togarashi and yuzu soy...

...Kuromitsu glazed pork belly wraps (all of which I had to eat by myself because it was a meat-free day for Luxy...she's so lucky that I'm a good team player)...

Don't dessert your desserts!

Mango mousse with passionfruit and apple sorbet.

And mochi...!

I ate the more 'exotic and Asian' flavours; coconut, black sesame, and mochi so that Luxy could have her favourite flavours, once again, I am a team player. Hahaha.

Whatever benefits I may have reaped from the gym that day, I must have negated with all the late night feasting. 

So the whole time we were taking food photos I had an external light source coming from my iPhone to make the photos look better (because I'm too considerate to use camera flash but apparently not considerate enough to shine a tiny torch on my food). But you know what? I said to Luxy "If the other diners are bothered by it, they should remember that odds are some of them read your blog (and mine) and we're just working to generate content for them to read when they're bored at work." So yeah, think of that next time you're at a restaurant and you roll your eyes at someone taking photos of their food, won't you? We do it for love. Your love.

Welcome back Luxy!

Here's to more misadventures.


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