Tresor Paris Nouveau Hexagone / Red Hot at Tonteria

March 17, 2014

I've been working with Tresor Paris, illustrating four timepieces from their new Nouveau Hexagone watch collection for women and men to celebrate the launch of the collection.

Initially I felt some trepidation when I got the brief because even though I'm not without some drawing skill it's been a very long time since I've done product illustrations. In all honesty the last time was in 2007/2008 at The One Academy, and in a school that emphasizes honing technical skills to perfection I felt especially useless because, well, I'm not a precision machine. I didn't even think I could paint still lives let alone time pieces, so...Anyway, no better time to learn than the present, yes? Carpe the effing diem.

The timepieces I were illustrating.

Tresor sent Adam round to film me drawing one of the watches from beginning to end, the idea was to make a sped up time lapse video that would really have looked very cool. Sadly the footage wasn't used in the end, but I'm trying to get my hands on it for my website, which I've incidentally just revamped and am in love with.

After drawing the timepieces with ink, marker pens and colour pencil on paper, I scanned them and overlaid them on graphics and different textured backgrounds that I created just for each watch.

Then came the hardest part, giving each illustration a name. I wrote two lists; one of celestial bodies, the other of precious stones, and just tried different combinations until I found the least cheesy ones. 

I think I didn't do too terribly. Judge for yourself and click through to my new website to view the finished illustrations and the names in all their glory.

Tresor Paris printed the illustrations on postcards to be given away at the launch and in the goody bags.

The press launch was last Thursday, March 13, at the Jack Barclay Bentley showroom in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

There was no missing the event with the Tresor Paris bus parked outside.

The event was casino themed, with poker chip invitations that were exchanged at the door for casino chips. Singer Jonny Winston, DJ Will Cozen, and magician Josh Brett kept the guests entertained while they sipped on Champagne jacquart and Ver2 vodka mojitos.

I blended in spectacularly with the marble tiles in my penguin outfit.

BCBG Max Azria dress, Ted Baker heels, and Chanel Le Boy.

"The watches are made from 18ct white, rose or yellow gold plating. 
All the bezels are interchangeable, and there are three different sizes: 40mm, 44mm, 48mm. The two styles available are the ‘precision’ with a plain or sparkly dial, and the ‘precision chronograph’ with a diamond chronograph.  
Some models are available with a leather strap as well and they start at £ 495.00 up to £ 1495.00. They will be available for pre-order on the Tresor Paris website from 2nd April 2014."  

Reunited with Adam who scrubs up well and took most of the pictures of me in this post. Thank you Adam! 

I gravitated to my artwork, which was displayed on four plinths throughout the showroom.

Look at my babies, all framed and up on a pedestal! Mummy loves you.

I felt just a little sad when the event was over and my babies were taken down to be sent home to bed.

Thank you Nadine for pushing me and making things happen! 

Afterward I met up with these three nutters in Soho.

Copious glasses of wine were downed and I captured on film all sorts of racy shenannigans (much to the dismay/delight of the rest of Soho Theatre Bar) which I shall not post here.

I was then dragged off to Tonteria for the Red Hot party.

Named for the Red Hot project by photographer and film maker Thomas Knight, an exhibition of gorgeous ginger male models, it was all about fire breathers, red hot chilli shots, flaming hot ginger models, and general hotness. Everyone was guessing who the 'special secret ginger guest' would be, half the girls were excited it would be Prince Harry but given that he's bffs with Guy Pelly he'd be less 'special guest' and 'regular at the bar', no? I secretly hoped for it to be Napoleon Dynamite...or Ronald

India and I were photobombed by these randoms...go away!

Thank you Artem for getting me tipsy and for the tequila that went down my windpipe, I was exhaling serious tequila fumes for an hour after!

Love you my buttercup!

Fellow vintage Chanel enthusiast.

It was a great night and my first one out in a long time. Lately I've been an old lady and prefer to just go out for dinner, go home after and wake up early to work. I mean I spent my weekend redesigning my work website and paring down the content. And you know what? I couldn't be happier. 'Tis a joy to throw oneself into work.