Nokia Lumia 1520

March 14, 2014
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Ahead of the cookery class and visit to Walnuts Farm with Josh Eggleton and Great British Chefs, Nokia very kindly sent me the Lumia 1520 to play with. Previously Nokia loaned me the Lumia 1020 a month before the #ZoomingEast Shoreditch street art tour so that I might get accustomed to the Lumia's many features, and my conclusion was more or less a succinct "Great camera, great graphics, wouldn't mind having more apps". In the interest of seeing how the Lumia 1520 was an improvement over the 1020 I streamlined my daily purse into a clutch, doing away with some technology ie. my cameras (all three of them!) and my iPad, instead replacing them with the 1520.

I pared down my daily luggage to the barest of the bare essentials:

Bank cards, Chanel compact (purely ornamental as I don't use face powder, but terribly chic when one pulls it out to do one's lipstick, yes?), lipstick, business cards, iPhone, and Lumia 1520.

Zara 'Stressed but Well Dressed' clutch from Spring / Summer '14.

(Other unphotogenic essentials ie. house keys and Ventolin inhaler not pictured)

Using a personal hotspot wireless connection from my iPhone (God bless unlimited 4G) I could use the 1520 for social media, apps, and sharing even without a sim card. I didn't really need to make calls from it because in all honesty I never really call people or have long chats on the phone. I think conversations  should be saved for when in person, and if I can't, I prefer to use Skype or FaceTime (even when walking down the street), Whatsapp, Messenger, and the sort. So really, all I need is a smartphone with an array of apps, good graphics, a good camera, and insane battery life.

Things I love about the Lumia 1520:

The camera. 

I've already been impressed by the camera of the 1020 (it really is a photographer's smartphone) and although the 1520 is only a 'mere' 20 megapixels compared to the 1020's 41 megapixels it's still a lot more than most of my cameras.

Nokia Creative Studio!

For editing photos into gorgeous pictures on Instagram that I can casually hashtag #nofilter. It's technically true but also very sneaky, hehe. 

The Storyteller app. 

Based on time and location, Storyteller displays photos and videos in the form of stories and uses Nokia Here maps to show where the pictures were taken. 

I love that the Nokia 1520 charges wirelessly. No more walking up to the bar when I'm out and about asking to charge my phone there, and then walking back and forth to the bar to check the status of my battery.

Being a six inch phablet, the 1520 is much easier on the eye and the graphics are a crisp wonder to behold. Perfect for browsing on Pinterest, Tumblr, and...reading my own blog. 

Of course I adore the Great British Chefs app!

It's a nifty little app that does exactly what it says on the box. Bringing recipes from some of the best chefs in Britain to one's phone; with tantalising 'food porn' photography, 'related recipe' search, chef biographies... basket functions... easy way to scroll through the recipe steps. 

I love that each step gets its own page. Often when I open a recipe on a website I get confused when seeing all the steps on one page. This way I feel like I'm taking baby steps which makes the whole cooking process less daunting, and every time I complete a step and scroll to the next I feel like I've unlocked an achievement. Video game nerd alert!

And most importantly, sharing functions!

How else will all of one's Facebook friends be made aware of one's culinary prowess (or attempts of achieving it)? Social media narcissism aside, every status update about something I've cooked tends to be followed with requests for the recipe. The Share to Facebook function preempts curious questions and helps spread the love, or rather knowledge and how-to.

I've also started to really get into using Zinio. 

As a former magazine addict who's had to clear out 8 years worth of hoarded magazines because of sinuses and storage problems, this multi-platform distribution service for digital magazines helps fill up the empty place in my soul (and bookcase).

I can easily buy five magazines on a simple Diet Coke run to the shops (another one of my addictions) and read them all in one sitting, so keeping me satiated is no mean feat. But with 5500 magazines from a wide range of publishers I think I can count on Zinio to keep me occupied.

It helps that Zinio has useful features like reading lists (perfect for people who can't concentrate, like myself), 'playlists' of sorts, and categories ie. art, music for days when I can't quite muster the brainpower to pick something and want all the options laid out in front of me. Like a sushi conveyor belt.

Happily the 1520 screen is a whopping 6 inches, so reading magazines for hours won't strain my eyes as much.

The Lumia 1520 is available from Nokia here on all sorts of contracts and offers. My advice is to get a contract with unlimited 4G and make the most of it.



  1. For a second I was imagining the idea of you taking a photo of you taking a photo with the lumia.
    ps. that business card! Can I has? I cannot guarantee requests of services unless you want to do an oil painting of me with my cats, but I miss that logo from your page! ;-D

    1. Sure, email me your address and I'll pop one over in the post! x

    2. Are you cereal!? I didn't expect a yes. :-) Would you like anything from Prg in return!?

    3. Sure, surprise me! x jasiminne (at) gmail (dot) com x