Cooking with Josh Eggleton & Great British Chefs for Nokia Lumia

March 13, 2014

Last Sunday Nokia sent myself and a handful of food bloggers to the countryside for a day of frolicking, turkey seducing (mostly on my part), and cooking class with Michelin-Starred chef Josh Eggleton.

With Camille and Julie from the Nokia UK Advocacy Team, Giulia, Fabienne, Josh Eggleton, Cindy, Coralie, and Fiona. I forgot the name of the lady beside me in the cute pixie crop, forgive me! *Dobby is very sorry, Dobby had to iron her hands*

The occasion for our Sunday jaunt at Walnuts Farm was the celebration of the Great British Chefs app coming to the Nokia Lumia. It's a nifty little app that does exactly what it says on the box---bringing recipes from some of the best chefs in Britain to one's phone; with tantalising 'food porn' photography, an easy way to scroll through the recipe steps, 'related recipe' search, chef biographies, shopping basket functions, social media know, all the necessities. 

Like parents mumbling along to their children belting out the songs at the Frozen sing-a-long in cinemas worldwide, we were going to try our hand at two of Josh's recipes, under his supervision, from the Great British Chefs app. 

Spelt, barley, and squash risotto...

...and eggy bread with pan-roast rubarb and elderflower sabayon (instead of strawberries).

I looked up Josh Eggleton on the GBC app and found out that he won his first accolade at age 27.

The same age as I am now when he won a Michelin Star.


I'm 27 and all I can claim is that I can speak gobbledeegook.

I need to reevaluate my life's not very upward trajectory. 

Not only is Josh obviously a talented chef, he's also cute. Very cute.

It must be the apron. Women love men in aprons.

And almost as alluring my other crush, Nick...

...I'm telling you, it's the wholesome, man of the earth, 'not a useless city dweller who will starve to death without takeaways/deliveries/restaurants/M&S ready meals' vibe that's getting me hot under the collar, or rather warm around my wellies. I need to find myself a country man. Preferably one with a farm I can take #BackToNature selfies in and a vintage Rolls Royce I can drape my Cath Kidson floral apron-clad self over. Anyone? *takes the lift to roof terrace on top of apartment building and digs at the soil with a spoon, pretending to be gardening*

Nick giving us a tour of Walnuts Farm. 

As well as being self sustaining in the old-fashioned sense (the way farms tend to be with all the crop growing and livestock rearing) Walnuts Farm also makes a pretty penny as a hired rustic location for film and photography shoots. 

I loved the interiors, the decor, the whole English cottage style of the bedrooms that I practically devoted a whole blog post of photos to the inside of the house. That's going straight into my secret 'dream cottage' Pinterest board. 

One day, for right now the rustic countryside look will not work in my tiny Shoreditch flat.

On the right, a painting of me ten years from now. Down to that lady's fabulous cap and puffy sleeves.

I've already established that I don't look terrible in an apron, so why not embrace the look?

Red lipstick is de rigeur in my kitchen.

Eliot does the honourable thing and tackles the rhubarb while the women look on.

But not before I wrestle one from his grasp and use it as a formidable weapon to protect us from...well, there's nothing that we really need protecting from, except perhaps my vanity and penchant for posing for cheesy photos. 

Loving Chloe's Tatty Devine pins especially the price tag one!

Chloe and Fabienne.

Getting down to business, Fabienne and Cindy prepare to sugar the rhubarb that will be going onto the eggy bread pudding.

Giulia gets down to business and grates parmesan (I think) the right way, holding the grater against the arm. 

I was tasked with dicing onions and was unreasonably slow about it.

But I got there in the end.

The risotto was made with an English twist, with toasted barley and spelt.

The grains were then cooked in butter together with crushed salted garlic and the world's most coarsely cut onion *lifts hand up shamefully*, chopped carrot, and celery.

The whole concoction was bathed in a delicious potion of butternut squash puree and copious amounts of white wine...

...and left to simmer in its little cauldron while we worked on the pudding.

Coralie whips up the elderflower sabayon aka eggy goo (layman's term) for our fancy eggy breads.

Pan roasting the rhubarb...

...garnish with more elderflower sabayon, and a sprinkling of chopped pistachios (not just for flavour but for aesthetics, see that contrast of green against the pink and cream? Photogenic)...

...and take it outside to enjoy in the garden on an unusually warm, sunny, English day! 

But not before photographing our creations from every conceivable angle. Bloggers will be bloggers.

The texture of the barley and spelt is much more interesting than the typically silky smooth risotto rice, combined with the butternut squash and chopped pistachios there was a very distinct 'different yet modest and homeliness' about it. I am terrible with food adjectives but I will say that digging into it made me feel every inch the inspired culinary genius who innovates recipes with local and often overlooked ingredients. I suspect I've just described Josh, after all that Michelin Star didn't just hop over  and jump down his apron of its own accord.

The eggy bread with pan roasted rhubarb and elderflower sabayon was every bit as delicious as well as pretty. I could have happily eaten a whole tray of it but in the presence of ladies, it just wasn't going to happen. In the privacy of my own home however it is a very different story...guess I know what I'm doing with my Lumia 1520 and Great British Chefs app this weekend. Thank you Nokia!

Sadly I can't tap a button on the app and have the man himself come to me. 

But those fortunate enough to be in the vicinity his gastropub The Pony & Trap, Bristol should definitely pay it a visit and see what the fuss is all about. And tell him I said hi!

Also I just realised that Josh is more than half a head taller than me but our legs are the same length. Damnit torso, why you so short?!! *does more pilates to lengthen upper body*

It was certainly bittersweet and just a little sad when it was time to wash up, pack up, and leave Walnuts Farm.

All good things must come to an end. But at least I can take some of the magic with me on my Nokia Lumia with the GBC app.

Tomorrow I'll blog a post about the Lumia 1520 fits in with my lifestyle, and my favourite apps that have been keeping me entertained, informed, and well-fed.

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Thank you Nokia, thank you Josh, thank you Nick, thank you Walnuts Farm, and thank you fellow bloggers for a lovely day of farm, food, and fresh air.



  1. Well that's a good look for the kitchen. Look at you chopping those onions. Could be on the veg runway (??).
    I also promote fashionable kitchen adventure :-D Back in the day when I created facebook recipe photo album (everybody has one, right?) I called it meals in heels. Unfortunately later I found out there's already a book out by that name. which came first, right?

      That is beyond perfect.
      I don't care if the book came out first, you need to make it happen!

  2. I was grating nutmeg, ahahhah! :) PS: great photos! x

    1. NUTMEG! HAHAHAHA how did I come up with parmesan?!
      Thank you! Can't wait to see your post x

  3. lovely to meet you jasmine;) but WHERE ARE THE PICS OF THE CUTE LITTLE DOG!

    1. Here! x