Even More Things The Same Size As Coolio

March 21, 2014
A more thorough update on a post I hurriedly slapped together on my blog in the Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge minutes before being called for boarding. I've been awake since ridiculous o' clock, I meant to be in bed by midnight to wake up for my morning hospital appointment but I couldn't sleep till much later. I then woke up at dawn, walking around in a daze, wondering if I'm going to fall sick later. Why is it that even from six thousand miles and eight time zones away some things just persist in following you, like a poltergeist?

To borrow a line from Kristoff---Hamsters are better than people, Coolio don't you think I'm right?

I miss my furbaby. Is it dark that I'm planning what to do with him once he dies? I'm thinking of commissioning one of my favourite artists Polly Morgan to immortalise him in a stunning piece of taxidermy art. Or maybe just have him stuffed, dyed yellow, and made up to look like Pikachu.

Diana: "Don't turn him into Pikachu! Coolio's going to look down at his body from heaven and think 'I wasn't good enough for her the way I was. She doesn't love me for me'."
Me: "Pikachu, though!"

Nothing like a series of 'Things The Same Size As Coolio' pictures to approximate how good he'd look as a work of art.

Ham -ès 'Collier de Ham'
Installation piece, 2014, Jasiminne Yip.

Ham-ès! Collier de Ham! I laughed myself into hysterics for ages after coming up with that, thinking myself the forefront of sophisticated wit. This kind of 'syiok sendiri' dorkiness is probably why nobody loves me. 'Yes I'm alone, but I'm alone aaaand free! Just stay away and you'll be safe from me!' *belts like Elsa*

Things The Same Size As Coolio 24: Hermès Collier de Chien

I forgot to take off the plastic...not a good look.

Things The Same Size As Coolio 23: Saint Laurent ring box

He actually fits in the box perfectly when he's sitting down.

Things The Same Size As Coolio 22: Tesco Everday Value vitamins

Someone: "It's worrying that you have a mouse among your vitamins." 
Me: "Shouldn't you mean it's more worrying that my vitamins are Tesco value?"

Things The Same Size As Coolio 21: Jaguar XJS figurine

I miss my car

Things The Same Size As Coolio 20: a sea shell

Things The Same Size As Coolio 19: Mulberry Margaret coin purse

Things The Same Size As Coolio 18: Perrier Jouet champagne glass

My favourite glasses. Probably the only good thing to come out of...nevermind.

Things The Same Size As Coolio 17: Tom Ford Champaca Absolute Private Blend

Bid and won a set of four of these parfums during an breast cancer charity dinner but haven't really got around to using them. Chanel Cuir de Russie will always be the one.

I have to run and go get ready for the hospital. Which isn't terrible, Prince Court is really nice and I always get to buy Disney Princess plasters in their pharmacy. I also get to see Nana 小妹妹 so I'm happy. In the midst of adversity it's always good to think of the things one can look forward to. Gratitude is the key, and a shining torch of light in a tunnel of darkness.



  1. Hospital?
    You're not getting a barbie chin are you? ;-)

    Good luck!

  2. How did you manage to make coolio pose still for the camera?hmmmmm.....