D is for Dior

March 31, 2014
D is for Dior, Datins, and Datuk Rahmahjan. All of whom I had a date (D is also for date!) with last Thursday. I got myself a new Dior baby to add to my handbag collection which I'm quite pleased about. It seems like all my favourite things à la mode start with a D! I know what you're thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty deviant (more Ds).

A limited edition 'Lady Dior'---apparently there's only two in this colour available in Malaysia---in box calfskin with embroidered badges that I may have persuaded mummy to get for herself ie. will end up in my wardrobe at some point.

There's something quite soothing and welcoming about the lobby of JW Marriott, maybe because I associate it with years of visits to Spa Village and of course lazy afternoons whiled away in Starhill Gallery. Everybody has their 'Tiffany's'. I believe nothing very bad could ever happen at The Marriott/Starhill Gallery.

Christian Dior hosted a little birthday soiree for Datuk Rahmahjan Khan of Sabah in their flagship boutique. 

Mummy with the birthday girl. Happy 26th birthday Datuk! Heehee.

With kakak Selina.

Dior closed the boutique for the afternoon so that we could lounge about, chit chat over cakes and tea, and peruse at our leisure and shop in privacy.

And shop we did.

'Lady Dior' and 'Diorissimo' in sweet shades for Spring.

I just realised that the two photos above are like a mirror version of each other, in terms of the colours of the bags.

More Lady Diors, I'd love one in dove grey.

As per my urging mummy tried on this simple peach number. It fit her slim figure perfectly but she was adamant about going a size up. She prefers her clothes a little bigger than her actual size. She's demure to the point of practically wasting her figure, I feel.

My face: "Oh well, whatever makes you happy."

I suppose when one is as accomplished and successful as she is, flaunting one's figure seems like an unnecessary parlour trick, considering that her reputation and achievements precede her. Still, I feel like it wouldn't hurt for her to show off that trim waist.

(I say that, but half the time I wear sports bras under my clothes to minimise my bust line)

'Dior Addict' shopping bag, loving the simple lines and slouchy but structured shape.

Isn't the 'Diorissimo' adorable? Thank you Dior for teaching me the correct way to twill a scarf around the handles.

Me: "How do I properly twist a scarf around my handbags?"
Mum: "You go to Dior and get the staff to do it for you."

Not helpful.

Loving the lining.

Trying on a structured scarf...forgot the name. Made me think of those accordion booklets I made as a child, thank you for the flashbacks Raf Simons.

I convinced mummy to get the 'Lady Dior' with badges on the premise that it's a limited edition, therefore a work of art and a collectable. Again, she sized up and got the bigger version but for once I am glad of her penchant for all things oversized, this smaller version isn't terribly practical. Once upon a time I could stuff all my work things into a small 'Lady Dior'. But back then my camera was one of those cheap compacts the size of a credit card.

Mummy also bought me a little something something!

She caught me eyeing up one of the bags, softly murmuring reassuring things to it 'I'll come back for you next time', and quietly gestured at the staff to have it taken away for me. So sneaky! I didn't even realise until they asked me if how I'd liked it wrapped.

Dior: "Would you like the box, madame?"
Me: "I'm only 21*, call me mademoiselle! And...what box?"
D: "The box for your new handbag." *mum's Amex, receipt, and pen whooshes past me on an embossed leather pad*
Me: "Mum, nooooo! You don't have to! Put that pen down, you're not signing for anything!"
Mum: *rolls eyes* "Please don't pretend like you're not secretly thrilled." *signs*
Me: *eyes water* But it's not even my birthday, why are you being so nice to me?
Mum: "Which acting school did you go to?"

*that is a boldfaced lie

Guess I shan't allow her to get me anything for my birthday. Unless! I leave the bag behind in K.L which makes it technically hers, meaning she didn't actually get me anything...hmmm....that could work. I'm not comfortable about accepting gifts I feel I don't deserve. I am but a simple, humble, soul**. **again, a lie. Sort of. It's partly true.

Aaaah, thank you mummy!

Dior slipped my mum a little notebook which she also let me have. Stop being so nice to me, I don't deserve it. Not that I mind too much.

As for my new handbag, friends and followers have been asking me which one I got.

Did you guess correctly? I won't hold it against you if you didn't bother to guess at all. I know I wouldn't. Anyway...

...it's the 'Dior Addict' shopping bag! *melts*

It's growing on me, a lot more than I'd care to admit. The colour scheme of black and pink reminds me of my lingerie favourite Agent Provocateur, making me think of all sorts of naughty things. I love that it's a perfect contrast of sexy and pretty.

The hot pink accents keep it from being boring.

I love this sort of simplicity, nowadays my taste has shifted from 'weighed down with chains' to refined minimalism.

Ahhhh! Maybe I won't leave it behind in K.L after all. Looks like I won't be asking for any birthday presents this year!



  1. so purrty!
    I would have snatched the print lined one like there's no tomorrow! And yours too. Nothing beats a pastel&black duo.

    1. I agree, pastels and black are surprisingly (to me anyway) fresh! x

  2. Those dimples.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! My mum isn't into designer things but my sister and I are. When I buy purses and accessories, I just say it's 2-for-1, so it's really like I'm *saving* money because my sister and I can both use it! I think that is the same case for the limited edition Lady Dior bag that your mum bought, because she and you can both use it! So frugal, we are.

    1. That's exactly how I feel! Not just about sharing my collection with mummy (although admittedly she contributes far much more than I do) but also with friends. Sharing is caring! x

  4. I love Dior's designs!! My personal favourite is the Diorling. Sigh... Now I'm thinking of skipping work to go shopping... Nope... Must not let the devil win... Need to work to earn money to buy more Dior! Sherry

  5. What a lovely surprise from your mom! The structured scarf is lovely too ;)