February 18, 2014
If one were to look past the posturing, preening, and 'to see and to be seen' element of fashion week parties one would see that at the heart of it it's really about meeting like-minded people and supporting the creative endeavours of acquaintances and friends alike. With that kind of intimacy in mind Diana and I popped into The London Edition yesterday evening to admire and appreciate the efforts of URiBE.

Don't Sion and Tiffany look every inch the Californian power couple? Together they have such a presence, a sense of seamless unity, and the kind of harmony that many people can only dream of having with their partner let alone one they work with. 
"URiBE is a London based fashion jewellery label led by design duo Sion & Tiffany Phillips. 
With a strong foundation in design and fashion, URiBE is defined by their unique backgrounds, heritage, and travel. Tiffany and Sion’s Chilean-American and Welsh roots, respectively, shine through in the inspiration of the line. 
Tiffany has spent the last ten years collaborating in accessories design at Lagerfeld’s Chanel, Maison Michel, Opening Ceremony’s Kenzo, Loewe and Atelier Swarovski, among others, while Sion has worked on branding, design, and advertising concepts for clients such as Stella Artois, Nike, and BMW."

When I spoke to them, my image of vintage Los Angeles came to mind; that is, Cadillac with the top down, cruising down the boulevard, palm trees, balmy weather, laid-back free spirits and artists.

I suppose I was not that far off with my imagination because Tiffany and Sion shared an anecdote about the time they both fought to get a convertible (yes! one must always put their foot down when it comes to cars) and the photography throughout the event featured the jewellery 'modelled' by palm trees.

With the designer power couple. This is what harmony looks like. I want that sort of thing for myself too. Where is my other half, the person who will magnify my strengths (and vice versa)? Call me maybe.

I embarrassed myself by turning down punch and champagne, instead asking for Diet Coke. But you know, I discovered how many calories there are in alcohol, so I don't think my life will ever be the same again. 

These mini burgers were alright but the vegetarian version was to die for. Who knew that juicy portobello mushrooms made for such an incredibly burger patty?

I'm wearing Steve Madden flats (because I just can't walk in heels), palazzo pants...

...Issey Miyake Baobao clutch, and some of the jewellery gifted to me by Tresor Paris (for whom I am also guest blogging about London Fashion Week for)

Sion, Tiffany, it was lovely to meet you. Thank you for having us and thank you for being so inspiring. x

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