London Fashion Week Fall 2014: Kokon to zai After show party

February 19, 2014

A few things I learnt at the Kokon to Zai after show party yesterday:

a) One can never be too underdressed at a KTZ party. As long as one pairs one's oversized jumper, unstyled hair, and leggings with a Celine handbag.

b) All the cult followers of KTZ (and streetwear fans in general) are the best dancers. It must be the sneaks (Some call them trainers, some call them sneakers, the 'strayans call them joggers, I call them sneaks).

c) At precisely midnight the dance floor will turn into a mosh pit and everybody will scream along to Drunk In Love. It's almost as though 'Yonce herself was in the house.

d) Do not pull silly faces at the camera. You will regret the resulting hideousness and be forced to cover up the face with CatWang.

And finally:

e) I should have used my Leica for party photographs. Pardon the poor quality of these out of focus shots, these were the the least bad of the lot. 


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  1. Ahhh! New Celine bag? Love your chanel phone case! <3