Eat. Sleep. Gamble. Karaoke. Repeat.

February 13, 2014
Such are the lives of the Malaysian Chinese during the fifteen chor (days) of Chinese New Year. 

Any bonafide jossstick-burning, wood-touching, pineapple tart-eating Chinese will tell you that it is in poor form to turn down an invitation to go to a friend's house and give him a chance to win back from you all the money you pao-ed from him at cards the night before. Karaoke in the morning? Mahjong at midday? Whiskey at lunch? Cards at dawn? Tian Di nods approvingly at you from the heavens. 

Chor 10 at Chris's!

I'm with Grumpy, Boozy, Snoozy, and Woozy.

Woozy is Lina. She was pale, dizzy, and nearly fainted from what I call Gongxi-vitis aka excessive partying.

Chilling in the drawing room; the voluntary support team who crowded around a convalescent Lina not just out of concern for her health but also to escape the seriously off-key bleating in the karaoke room.

Cherries and cards in the karaoke room balcony.

Hello Punto you naughty boy! I thought you were overexcited but next to Huge the pug you are practically sedate. 

Jordan: "So...much...FEELS"

Two Koreans in our midst; one real and one fake.

Nobody knows the actual lyrics to Gee but has that ever stopped us? 

All you need to know is "dadada no no no no no" and "nanana na Oh ye, Gee Gee Gee Gee Gee",   flail your arms wildly and justify your non-existent singing prowess by saying you're acting as the girl who gets put at the back of the band because she's not pretty enough. Haha.

Malaysia's Next Dog Model Contender 1: Punto.

See how he works his angles something fierce like the rent was due yesterday. This model is definitely not in the doghouse.

What my Chinese New Year gold nails look like on the tenth day. Can I pass those chipping monstrosities off as 'gold foil' design? No.

Pew pew pew Michiekins is so engrossed with her shooting that she doesn't even notice that the chocolates are being sneakily taken from her (on the right).

Malaysia's Next Dog Model, Contender 2: Peanut. Who is so shy in front of a camera, but is so stunning. She's literally the gorgeous underdog (haha) on Next Top Model, the one who always gets pep talks from Tyra and narrowly avoids being eliminated each episode but then ups her game something fierce as the show progresses.

"When I look at you, I see a beautiful dog. I see a dog who could be an amazing, amazing model."

"That's right." "We all do, honey."

 "The only person in this room who doesn't see it is you. You have so much potential. But until you learn how to use it you'll only be a beautiful dog, and not a top model."

*long dramatic silence*

*Tyra whips out photo with Peanut's face on it*

"Congratulations, Peanut, you're still in the running to be Malaysia's Next Dog Model."

*other dog who gets eliminated weeps silently. The others who already survived the cut sob into each other's shoulders*

Hahahahahahaha *syiok sendiri* *damn loser*

Angpaaaaao! David is going to postpone his and Sheena's wedding so he can collect double angpao from Chris and Jo next year. Hahahahahaha. Can't wait, Chris! May you be blessed with twins! One named Padini, one named Vincci.

Ending this post abruptly with a happy photo of Michiekins and Marcus dancing to 'Sway'.

As long as it's not 'suay (unlucky) with me, suaaaay with me'!

Today's the last day of Chinese New Year. I'll be spending it on a 13 hour flight back to London.

Hopefully someone on the plane will give me an angpao, hehehehehehe. No! I'm just kidding!



  1. What a beautiful home, people and pup!
    The Karaoke looks fun - needed videos! :-D

    I wanted to ask about Lina in particular (name only, I'm no stalker) I am surprised because I'm aware it's mostly common around the Baltic (where I'm from). Is it common on the other side of the world too?!

    1. Yes, the name Lina is quite popular on my side (East) of the world! Not as popular as Sarah or Jane but not rare either. x

  2. Aw I LOVE the terrier pup - what a cutie!!

    Rosie xx