February 12, 2014
Someone give me a award for being the best friend ever! I cut my weekend trip to Singapore short for Michiekins and flew back to Kuala Lumpur just so I could make her beach birthday party. Oh wait, yesterday she followed me to the hospital to get an 'alien emoji' chin implant have a camera stuck up my nose to see just how deviated my septum is (not very) I guess we're even! Michiekins, you're the best friend anyone could ever have, you're so kind, thoughtful, and selfless even when you're 'Road Rage Barbie'ing all over Mont Kiara. I love you! Daisuki-hae! O tanjobi haseyong! (Inside joke)  Enjoy your trip to Avillion and don't be good nudge nudge wink wink 

Happy Birthday Beachiekins! I bless you a happy, exciting year ahead full of sun, sea, and sand!  *dramatically lifts up handful of sand and lets it slowly trickle down all over the table* "Esta es mi tierra" <subtitles: This is my land>

Seamus (pronounced sea-mus) the gender-confused mermaid (merman! MerMAN!) pi├▒ata stuffed with candies and jellies (of which I tried to bribe the guards with).

Birthday girl and the original Koreanese, Sheena-chan. Annyeong gozaimasu!

Fruit flowers! Such a pretty, inviting, and healthy way to eat sweets. This will go a long way to my plan of eating less carbs, less sweets, and less processed foods. It's a shame I missed out on the chocolate dipped strawberries.

Hello Fairy Godmother of fruits, please bless me with your pineapple wand.

The view from the party. Of course Beachiekins booked the entire upstairs of the sky beach; hot tub, sunken circular seats, sand, hammock, BBQ pit and all for her birthday, but we're nice people, we left the downstairs section of the sky beach alone.

View of Mont Kiara and Kuala Lumpur from the hot tub. Hot my foot. More like lukewarm tub. Like how once you get into the Shoreditch House pool you can't decide if you want to come out or stay inside because it's too cold outside but not hot enough inside. Tim kai ah? Wa men ti, wa men ti. First world problems.

The sunken seats, aka gambling den.

Moonbathing and falling asleep after a long day. I woke up early in Singapore, saw my family, had lunch, flew back to K.L and my driver picked me up from the airport to send me straight to the party. I showed up with my suitcase, no makeup, and looking dowdy as heck. Everyone mistook me for the help. "Hey, Maria, mana boss lu? Yang cantik tu, nama dia Jasiminne" "Ah, tunggu sekejap ya, saya pergi cari Boss saya" Hahaha my friends are so mean.

Fine, I get my own back with these two horribly unflattering pictures. 

Tripping over my cover up and falling all over the place, mostly into the water.

I'm very scared that Nana will replace me as Michiekins' bestie noooo don't steal my Ah Pin from me!

Suuuuusu I love you. Please train Hugo properly. 

Ah Pin and Ah Hwa.

Xiao di di Arran. Hurry up and move to London. Your stock naik di sana lah.

Sheena-chaaaan please get cracking on your wedding plans...sekali in April you have your ROM at Green House. Or Lorong Selamat. Sort it out now!

Beachiekins displaying her violent side...

...and viciously dispatches Seamus.

Seamus's head was left dangling on the a pontianak. Scary.


I think she has a career as an executioner!

Be careful, Marcus.

The stuff of nightmares.

Present opening time!

Beachiekins found the Givenchy we hid in the bushes!

Look at that happy face!

For every gift she loved she had to show her gratitude by downing a glass of whiskey.

After she opened all her presents, she ended up like this:

From this point she had no recollection of the night whatsoever. Hahahaha blame Suanne!

16 again!

Nah, Beachiekins, my present to you:

Just kidding!

It's your birthday present from DBKL!


Blessed Birthday my best friend!

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