ART14 First Night

February 28, 2014

An invitation to the first night of Art14 was very kindly extended to me (merci beaucoup, Javert) so Diana and I headed down to Olympia Grand for the second edition of this 'refreshingly different' worldwide showcase of modern and contemporary art. Yesterday evening I went to Art14 with the intention of courting as many galleries as possible to find the one that would sponsor my first solo exhibition, but I was warned by my gallery director friend that trying to sell my work to galleries at the every event where they were trying to sell work to others was a surefire way to invite hostility. 

Oh well, so much for that, c'est whatever. 

Instead we tried to enjoy the night for what it was; that is, networking, running into friends and industry acquaintances, and enjoying the view from the collector's lounge. Oh yes, and we looked at some art too.

Kate Moss was la muse du nuit, her likeness was the subject of many different artists' work on display.

I love Chris Levine's 3D light art, his portrait of The Queen is especially serene yet makes such an impact with its stillness.

D and I didn't quite get to see much of the art, in fact we barely covered a fifth of it because we kept stopping to talk to people we knew. The perils of opening nights. I'll have to come back in the day to properly take it all in.

I loved this; what looks like a painting is really a video, flies swoop in and out of the frame over the frog skeleton. A moving still life...oh the deception. 

Matthew is an artist whose female themes in his work intrigue me, I want to collaborate with him! But also I want his style, even his wine is colour coordinated to his shoes and jacket. C'est chic.

Not strictly a work of art, but champagne does have creative properties...or at least I like to think that it inhibits and inspires me to be.

I suppose I'll have to go back to Art14 this weekend to catch the rest of the exhibition. Anybody want to join me?

Thank you wifey for coming with me. Hold my poodle!


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