Apocalypse: Guirado Design AW14 / Pure Evil : The Nightmare Series

February 27, 2014
Apocalypse...nightmare...how uncanny that I would go to two art shows of a similarly macabre nature  in London within a week of each other, and quite amusing that they should both occur in the very week I stop having nightmares, instead having the soundest sleep I've had in three years. I can't decide if it's because I've been too busy and exhausted to have dreams, or because I've replaced my mattress, but there you go.

Apocalypse: Guirado Design AW14

With Scott Temple, Victoria Cassagnaud, and Dan Alexis at Apocalypse: Guirado Design AW14 Showcase in association with Art & Music: The Saatchi Gallery Magazine at Cock & Bull Gallery, downstairs in Mark Hix's Tramshed.

Has anyone lost a sock?

Dan introduced me as that lady who blogged about Guirado Design scarves, posing with them on a 34th floor sky beach on the top of a city skyscraper. That's a tad more effective than "Um, I draw, sometimes I write, you know, a bit of this and that..."

Luxury accessories, art and interiors brand GUIRADO DESIGN deliver their second collection of limited edition HD prints on fine fabrics featuring digital reinterpretations of the original artwork by visionary Spanish artist Juan Antonio Guirado. 
Guirado Design embodies the bohemian Gypset lifestyle (c'est moi!) that Juan Antonio Guirado lived and vivaciously celebrated through his work and day to day life throughout the 1960’s, travelling between homes in mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, Australia, India, Morocco and the UK. 
The free-spirited artist’s life was heavily influenced by the beauty of traditional Spanish flamenco, the machismo and bravado of the matadors – he trained to be a bull-fighter at one point in his life – and the rock and roll glamour of his nomadic traveller existence.His daughter, Catalina Guirado, Creative Director, and the driving force behind Guirado Design, has reworked Guirado’s original artwork as limited edition HD textile prints on wool and silk, or cashmere and modal scarves creating ‘wearable art’. 
For Autumn/Winter 2014 the Apocalypse collection features double skull prints against the decayed landscape of the original artwork reimagined in hues of gold on black and peacock blue on cocoa, and multi-skull reworks that create a kaleidoscope effect in African violet or vibrant red. 
The collection officially launches to press and buyers in February 2014 and is available at retail from August / September 2014.

Guirado Design took pride of place in Cock & Bull, hanging as banners and framed scarfs throughout the gallery, graciously sharing a space with Rupert Newman's third solo show 'Tripping the Light Fantastic'.

Hi, can you help me? I've lost my marbles. Oh wait I'll just take one of these, thank you!

Guests sipped on Absolut vodka cocktails specifically made for Catalina Guirado and Guirado Design. I wanted some but not on an empty stomach, so cocktail jealousy ensued. I kept missing the canapes (french fries really) and was so faint, weak even, from hunger. Happily I could just pop upstairs to Tramshed for a snack.

Scrumpy fried onions, really a posh name for onion rings. Posh onion rings it was.

Scott and Victoria testing out the articulated swivel screen 'Up your selfie game!' of my new camera that I keep harping on about and should really just bite the bullet by introducing it.


Pure Evil : The Nightmare Series

Last week I brought Jay to the opening night of Pure Evil: The Nightmare Series at The Saatchi Gallery.

Both art events in this post have a connection to Saatchi...both are slightly dark...hmmm, perhaps strange forces are at work?

I mixed and matched Cartier with Tresor Paris arm candy. Right now I'm all about blue and gold.

The last time I met Dr. Evil was during the Nokia Lumia street art tour when he gave us bloggers a special, private tour of the gallery and his work space. Two of his prints hang over my bed, so really Pure Evil has quite a presence in my life. I'm so pleased to see him go from Shoreditch to Saatchi Gallery, *Commissioner Gordon impression* he's the hero West London deserves, and definitely the one it needs right now. 

Signed pieces that were screen printed on the spot. Instead we plumped for his trademark rabbit signature which Pure Evil gave out on card. He produced a one off penis scribble and Jay's eyes lit up  like a child in Hamley's "I want that!" so I lunged forward and grabbed it for her. She was ever so pleased when Pure Evil signed it for her. 

Jay was chuffed to bits with her new, umm, naughty bit, and so was this random guy. Haha.

Hopefully when it comes to all things scary, apocalyptic and nightmare-themed exhibitions is as far as it goes. I'm quite enjoying sleeping soundly all night. x

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