24 Hours In Singapore: Mandarin Gallery Eats

February 11, 2014
When one is as time poor as yours truly---24 hours in Singapore, how is that enough?---something as simple as where to eat has to be planned with military precision. Fortunately staying at Mandarin Orchard meant that all of the work was done for me. The adjoining Mandarin Gallery meant that my gastronomical choices were merely an air-conditioned walk through the hotel lobby away. Sure, Singapore is small enough but even so I'd rather spend my precious time seeing my family and the sights rather than stuck in traffic.

Tonkatsu Ma Maison

Supposedly the best tonkatsu in Singapore.

I had the pork cutlets, shrimp, and oyster. It hit the spot perfectly although service could have been more prompt, I was nibbling on the perfectly shredded radish (hint, mix the spicy and soya sauce together and drop a dollop of mustard. Perfection) while waiting for my food to come.

Perfectly breaded and fried oyster.

It is an indisputable fact that everybody looks better when their pictures are flipped sideways.

Waiting by the pool for Tonkatsu to open. We were the first customers, but even by 11:30 on a Saturday the place was packed. I've heard of long lines of people and I'm glad I didn't have to brave anything of the sort.

Delicate, pretty beadwork on the lampshade of the Mandarin Orchard lobby.

There were so many rich Mainland Chinese at MO, I spotted many a bored teenager toting a Birkin in some zany colour speaking in accents so thick they were indistinguishable to my untuned ears.

Wild Honey

When it opened 4 years ago you couldn't get a table for love nor for money. But we went during off-peak hours, at 5 in the evening right after we arrived in Singapore so it was very serene and quiet.

Loved the mango juice. I may have pocketed a few of those colourful cardboard straws, I'm a sucker for anything with stripes in pastels or bright colours.

I had the Portobello Road, a vegetarian and spicier twist on classic eggs Benedict. Beautifully poached eggs, spinach, and peppers on a thick slice of bread, the type that would be perfect for french toast. I loved it. I love it. I want some, now!


Apparently this is the place to Instagram yourself posing with a pretty little cake, just look at it, the word twee was born here.

Didn't really have time to sit down and have tea there. Bought some macarons for Michiekins before jetting back to Kuala Lumpur for her birthday.

Bonus: Haji Lane

Not actually in Mandarin Gallery, but only a short cab ride away. Met up with Ash after dinner for drinks, snacks, and a good gossip.

We had drinks at this Spanish place because it was the most 'happening' one on the street. The place was packed with cute ang mohs and made me miss London just a little. I'll be back in a few days!

Fresh guacamole made by our waiter at our table, as it should be.

For convenience you just can't fault Mandarin Gallery, certainly for a couple of days' stay you could be quite content just eating your way there.


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