Tiramisu at Alexis, Bangsar

January 21, 2014
For as long as I could remember, ever since I was a young girl up till when I moved to London when I was 19 I had the same birthday cake every year. I would be presented with a deliciously decadent monster of what is definitely the best tiramisu in Kuala Lumpur, from Alexis in Bangsar.

Cognac and coffee soaked lady fingers layered with the fluffiest mascarpone cream topped with sweet, crunchy, caramelised pecans, served with a dreamy puddle of strawberry sauce...it tastes like the things my teenage dreams are made of. 

Even now, after all these years, I have to have my fix whenever I'm back in K.L. One bite and I am transported back to the excitement of my birthday, when the box would make it's appearance, that first glorious bite, stashing it in the fridge and eating my way down to the last slice. It would take me almost two weeks to eat the whole thing by myself---when it comes to this tiramisu, I don't share---and somehow even after a week it tastes as amazing as the first, fresh, bite. If anything it gets better when it's been in the fridge for a while. 

It's four in the morning and typing this has made me so hungry that I've made Sheena-chan cook Maggi Mee for us. This is the catalyst for cellulite. Nevermind, I have Photoshop. I hear the Liquify diet does wonders.


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