The best eggs benedict in K.L?

January 25, 2014

Ever since I've stepped off the plane and onto Malaysian soil I've been craving eggs benedict (and no, Malaysia Airlines will serve you 4 courses of satay, nasi lemak, fruit, and cake but not eggs benny). A quick Google search for 'best eggs benedict in Kuala Lumpur' yielded numerous praise from foodie blogs and websites alike for The Red Beanbag in Publika, of which I am the only person in K.L who hasn't yet been, so off I go...

I went with Michiekins on Thursday and we climbed half a flight of stairs (which is more than I would ever climb in K.L) up to the mezzanine where TRB is located only to be rewarded by apologetic waiters telling us there was a problem with the kitchen and we'd do better to come back next day. As I left, dejected, Michiekins decided to tell me that every time she's been to TRB she never gets a seat (it gets that busy) and has 'no luck' with TRB. So I blame her for the kitchen not working. 

Unperturbed, we returned yesterday and were happily greeted by a chattering lunch crowd and at least two staff who said 'Welcome back!' and 'Back for the eggs benedict?', heck yes we are.

I can't believe I've never been to TRB before, I know I only spend two to four months a year in Kuala Lumpur but still.

Michiekins Ah Pin looking regal. 

The moment of truth!


To be honest I wolfed everything down so quickly that I didn't get a chance to properly taste it. After all it was lunch time and I woke up at midday, ravished.

But I will come back for the eggs benedict with salmon, it looked mad delicious.

Outfit of the day time.

I woke up at midday when Michiekins called me, and was so disoriented that I got dressed in whatever was lying on my bedroom floor. That would be pyjama pants, paint-splattered Charles & Keith sandals from seasons ago, Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton Neverfull, and my new houndstooth top from On A Cloudy Day.

Xiao di di Arran doing casual with his new Birkin. We're going to dress up as mermaids and sing Part Of Your World in his handbag closet. I want moooooore!

Eggs benedict round 2 at The Red Beanbag, anyone?


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