Moët & Chandon x Jasiminne & Michiekins Collaboration!

January 13, 2014
I've been working on a painting for a collaboration with Moët & Chandon for nearly a month

Detail from the painting.

 I've kept the details hush-hush as requested by M&C but I've been allowed to post sneak peeks on my Instagram.  Along the way a lot about the project has changed; initially it was just me but M&C agreed with me that Michiekins and I should work together on this collaboration because we bring out the best in each other!  

Michiekins and I having a conference call to brainstorm and collaborate. We have no eyebrows and we're in our pyjamas, this is the real (and unglamorous) face of people who work from home. 

All I'm allowed to say about this collaboration is that it's a work of art that will be auctioned at a Moët & Chandon event this Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur, there are two other duos also collaborating with M&C and we are the artist/socialite duo (who is who?!), and that my mother turned down a VVIP Louis Vuitton dinner (so exclusive even I wasn't invited...Don't invite me ah?! Nobody puts lao niang in the corner!) to come support me at this event. 

Some progress shots and behind the scenes photos and videos...!

I don't think I can say what the theme is but this screenshot is a clue! 

I couldn't find any cheap screen printing facilities that were available over Christmas so I took the lo-fi route of printing the bottles on fly poster paper and transferring them to canvas with craft glue. I feel like a street artist, skulking around Shoreditch in the dead of night, posting subversive posters on the sides of buildings. Except that the fly poster and glue is where the comparison ends, champagne isn't terribly 'street' is it? And neither are D and I (I'm Posh, Broke, & Bored, he's a Mormon lawyer) but that hasn't stopped him from suggesting that we become the next Banksy. Spraying 'Mo' money mo' quandaries' on the walls of The Hurlingham, how's that for middle-class graffiti?

Sketches trying out different concepts and beginning the painting work.

Speaking of different concepts, M&C changed the concept about a week into the collaboration! I sent them three times as many sketches as they asked for (which would be three, they asked for one) thinking I should be safe until after Christmas. In the middle of the morning on Christmas Eve I woke up, checked my phone and saw an email from M&C (K.L is eight hours ahead of London) saying "We've changed the concept from x to y! Can you send us new sketches by Boxing Day?" and I sleepily thought to myself "I'm dreaming. This is a dream", threw my phone under my pillow and went back to bed.

Next morning, I checked my phone and no it wasn't a bad dream. *fufufufufufu* That moment put the 'chan' in Chandon.

But it's OK, the client is always right, so as long as I'm being rewarded handsomely. Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M, get the money, dollar dollar bill ya'll.

It was so much fun to work with gold paint (two different shades!), pinks (five different shades!), and glitter (three colours!). Like I've said before, pandering to such an obviously feminine sensibility and sparkly aesthetic is an unusual and guilty indulgence for me. Might as well stick a giant Hello Kitty covered in diamantes on the painting and get it out of my system.

Where did all this glitter come from? Has Kesha been here? Did a unicorn vomit all over the floor? Is this site of a fairy massacre?

A quick video tour of my little studio space.

Yes, that is an Hermes scarf as a tablecloth. 

I carried my Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton tote because I thought it was very apt, given that it's also an artist collaboration!

Videos of myself in action.


I love spraying aerosols---paints, glue, lacquer---unabashedly all over the studio. There are patches of glue with bottle shaped holes on the floors...oops.

Moët & Chandon wanted Michiekins and I to film an introductory video of ourselves answering some questions and describing our collaboration.

So I painted my 'camera face' on, that is, lipstick on a pig, shone a light into my face (I had headaches after) and recorded myself on Photobooth.

I am so awkward when I'm being filmed and I hate my speaking voice. When the finished video is aired at the event I will probably duck and hide under Michiekin's skirt. Moët & Chandon please put very loud music over my segment so that my speaking part is inaudible. Thank you!

Bloopers from the first take.

It was absolutely dreadful so I reshot my videos in the studio.

Much more me. What else is very 'me'? Being stiff and painfully self-conscious on camera. I can act. But I can't be 'me'.

Progress shots of the painting itself...!


With bottles.

Some details.

This is it, 80% done!

The other 20% Michiekins will work on the moment I arrive in K.L from London!

The moment I land, she'll pick me up (when I say pick me up I mean she's tagging along with my driver), brief me in the car, and then go straight to mine to work on finishing the painting. The next day we have to go into the Moët & Chandon office. The event itself is the evening after I land...just 24 hours after my 13 hours flight and 8 hour time difference.

Oh my God the jetlag!

It's alright, there's free flow of Moët & Chandon at the event!

I can't wait!


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