Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial artist collaboration event and auction

January 16, 2014
Thank you everyone who came to support me and Michiekins at the Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial event yesterday at Providence! 

My two favourite women in the whole world, my bestie Michiekins and mummy dearest.

Mine and Michiekin's collaboration with Moët & Chandon came to a happy end yesterday when it was finally unveiled at the Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial event.

The masterpiece...after a month of painting, endless Skype calls, and a rush to glue on all the sequins the moment I arrived from London the night before the event. 

It got so frantic toward to end that I only wrote this artist statement right before my flight! I knocked this out in the lounge even as I was being called for boarding---

"For our collaboration with Moet & Chandon Tie for Two, Michelle and I wanted to convey our interpretations of the spirit of Moet with a pop art twist. To us, Moet & Chandon is about celebration, bringing people together, and sophistication. The two bottles represent friends, family, and loved ones brought together and bound by the black ribbon of love. The pearls, flowers, and sequins are motifs that bring to mind glamour and special occasions. All these happy symbols erupt from the bottle and spring to life from the canvas in 3D, bringing to mind the phrase 'bubbling over with joy' and literally 'bursting out'. The style of painting combines nods to Warhol's emphasis on kitschy elements of popular culture, as well as a more contemporary nod of trends such as ombre, pastels, and golds." 

If there's one thing going to St Martins taught me, it's how to weave a coherent and vaguely 'this was my intention all along' statement under pressure. In other words, translating art into words.

We just about made it to Providence for the event after a hairstyling drama (thank you Sheena-chan our 'manager' and Michiekins for being so calm) and despite the best efforts of K.L's gridlocked traffic.

This is Golek Unit. L-R; Cray-Z, Hay-Z, and Lay-Z. Word to my flag.

Sheena-chan our 'manager' who looked every inch like the big boss lady who would kick your barbie pink heels. How emasculating would it be to be fired by a woman with a face like a doll and shoes the colour of bubblegum? I wouldn't know, I'm a woman too. And Sheena-chan would never fire me. Saranghae, Cici-chan! 

ASOS tulip dress / Michael Kors heels / Chanel boy 

Everything was bathed in a soft yet incandescent pink light, which was very flattering to the complexion but made for terrible front camera iPhone selfies. 

No matter. We settled in nicely, drinking ice cold glasses of Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial and nibbling on pretty little canapés. Although I was so nervous at the prospect of going on stage to speak to an audience that I barely ate anything. 

Only a single macaron passed my lips. They tasted lovely, sweet but not sickeningly so, with hints of lychee, and the texture was a little like jelly piped with cream which made for a perfectly soft and chewy treat. I wish I had crammed more into my mouth, but to be honest I was almost sick from a combination of jetlag and nerves. And I couldn't even drink because I was driving...! Wa men ti, wa men ti.

Happily I had a huge team behind me.

Thank you *takes a deep breath* Michiekins, mummy, Aunty K, Suanne, Sheena, Nana, Jolyna, Chris, Marcus, Arran, and Ashley for coming down to support me, and for clapping the loudest when it was my turn to be presented. I love you all! 

These two photos lovingly pinched from Nana's Instagram

Christ taking a hand on approach to drinking, see the worried looking waiter behind him? He's probably thinking 'Noooo don't take my job from me'. The staff at Providence were very attentive (and very strong, one of the waiters carried a box of 20 bottles by himself like it was nothing).

The presentation and auction begins...!

Moët & Chandon collaborated with three 'teams' who each produced a piece of art especially for the event.

The first artist to be presented was graphic designer and art director Driv Loo.

Who created this devastatingly simple and elegant sculpture, the clean graphicness of it is what I would expect from a good graphic designer! Minimalism is key when it comes to graphics, I feel. His piece wasn't up for auction.

The second artwork to be presented was by headband designer Kamae Lee and Valerie Ong.

A pretty, flowery, confection of a headband with matching bottle.

And finally, mine and Michiekin's painting.

Our piece didn't involve an actual physical bottle because I did most of the art in London and the mock bottles were in K.L, but it worked out better for me this way anyway. 

With the emcee, presenter Will Quah.

All the artists; myself, Michiekins, Valerie, Driv (the thorn among the roses), and Kamae.

Mine and Michiekins' video presentation, describing our collaboration, concept, and why we love Moët. It's a shame Michiekins didn't include her bit where she said that I've insisted she name her firstborn Moët Ng Ma Buk (mabuk: Malay for drunk).

I cringed so hard everything I had a speaking part! I hope I don't sound like that in real life. I blame it on photobooth. Yes, blame photobooth. *delusional*

We had to describe each other in three words. I described M as 'stylish, sweet, with a heart of gold (fine, that's not three words, I did want to say kind but that wasn't enough)'. She described me as 'gorgeous, a wonderful friend (she cheated with the word limit too!), and CLUMSY.' THANKS AH. I pretend to walk off the stage in a huff.

A bit of shameless self-promotion.

Our painting was auctioned, and won for a reasonably respectable sum of 18 bottles. Thank you! 

And then the party begins!

Look at all this champagne I can't drink because I'm driving!!!!! *sobs* Although several friends volunteered to drive me back to theirs and let me pick my car up from the valet the next morning, I had to go home early to sleep off the jetlag but thank you anyway!

Ashley and I.

People started getting a little crazy...

But the star of the show and life of the party was Michiekins who danced every dance style from the tango, the waltz, the chicken dance, and even gamely tried to learn the Charleston from me!

Thank you, everyone, for coming down to show your support and love!    

And thank you Moët & Chandon for the opportunity to collaborate with you! Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love you any more than I already do!

What a great way to start 2014 and shake off those January blues!

Thank you. 



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