Kokon To Zai aftershow party

January 09, 2014

Goodbye fashion week---sorry, London Collections: Men---it's been fun.

And with the departure of fashion week and all it's too-cool-for-school parties comes the end of me wearing 'all black everything'. I also miss the goth I used to be, but when I think of how much my luck improved when I dropped the black from my wardrobe I'm glad that I only go back to black for fashion parties. Still, it was nice to dig out the purple lipsticks, mesh, capes, and leather. And I would have to wear all of that if I were to blend in yet stand out (does that make sense?) among the crazy cool kids that shop at Kokon To Zai. Or at least are friends with the designer/modelled for them once/go to the parties. I saw a lot of old familiar faces from the Shoreditch scene days of yore. Remember Trailer Trash in its heyday? Oh, nostalgia.

The party was not held in East London but rather the Rooftop Radio Bar at ME London.

Erol doing what he does best, hitting the decks, DJing up a storm, and sending everyone into a frenzy. This blog post is Erol-heavy because I owe him. I love you my little surprised kitty! Coochie-coochie-cooch-AH! *tickles*

The guestlist was super tight, all night I had people texting/messaging me asking me to get them in. Can't blame them though, with a view like this. But sorry guys, no can do, that night I stuck my neck out only for my homegirl D-duh-d-Diana.

We were less concerned with partying and more focused on getting nutrition. Here is Diana convincing herself that a pineapple cocktail is one of her five a day. Excellent, get her four more! "I been drinking...watermelon. Pineapple"

Is there a better way to celebrate the end of fashion week than with plates of that dreaded C-word, carbs? I kid, everyday is carb day for me. My butt may be too fat for fashion but I can always wear layers. And black. Nothing as trivial as clothes will get between me and my french fries... 

...and chicken liver pate. Which strangely enough tasted just like durian. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Scrape that, I know exactly how I feel. I don't like it!

Fries were alright though. Fashion people looking over longingly but backed away when I waved at them to join in. It's just potatoes, not the devil!

What is this monstrosity? Those fries look like zombie hands rising out of the earth.

There were a lot of YSL arty rings that night.

This is how you rock hand candy.

This is how you wear hairy balls around your neck. Miguel's motto is "Be sex!" Ssij pytonga, baby! 

A blast from the past, you may recognise Jean-Sebastien as Lamb from my illustration series Meat. Him: "Thanks for using me for your art, b***h!" Hahaha the pleasure was all mine. How do men like it when the tables are turned on them? Funny how emasculation is only three letters different from (female) emancipation. 

Also...Diana's face. Ahahahaha I can't deal!

She told me the funniest thing! Right after I left Chris Brown got hit by a taxi. Not the real Chris Brown, just some random rowdy guy that everyone called Chris Brown because he was pushing, shoving, and being aggressive to women. He slammed his shoulder into me and I nearly went flying. He started shaking this petite woman violently. He got his drunk a$$ ejected from the party, and as he stumbled out of the hotel a taxi HIT him. The timing was like a comedy! Seconds later the police and an ambulance came to take his away on a stretcher. Don't hit people or karma will hit you back!

Things started getting a little crazy.

Stuart's hips don't lie, the whole time he was winding like a snake I was completely mesmerized. 

Being carried seemed to be a thing that night...

How come nobody wanted to carry me?!

Oh right, because I ate a plate of pate and a bowl of fries. Sad face.

Erol was relieved of DJ duty...

...which is just as well because he was starting to get sleepy-eyed.

The coolest jacket I ever did see! Makes all my DIY-studded clothes look really sad and miserable by comparison.

Alright, fashion week is over. Now back to work.



  1. Ah reminds me of wild nights at Crazy Horse / Slave to fashion at BBB with Daniel Lismore giving free sips of Vodka for the best dressed (I think Erol Dj'd too?) I adore your adventures, I am far too sensible and straight laced these days hah! x

    1. YES! OMG! I remember those nights! I was a wild child then, everybody was a hedonist and lived for the night. Like you I'm now on the path of straight-laced goodness! x