Kembalilah aku ke tanahair!

January 15, 2014
I have returned to the motherland!

This photo encapsulates my life in Kuala Lumpur. A little over the top, luxurious, and unabashedly so.

I'm in Malaysia for a month (of course I'll be back in London in time for Fashion Week) for Chinese New Year and a bit of much deserved relaxation. I won't have to worry about anything as trivial as the horrors of public transport (Uber cars just launched in KL but even so I'll stick to my cars and driver, thank you), counting my pennies (everything in Malaysia is so cheap), picking up after myself (I left an empty glass on the dining table, went to wash my hands and it was cleared when I went back), or the cold (it's a tropical paradise).

I'm resisting the January blues, instead of sobbing it out in London I'm sweating it out in the sauna of this tropical city that sits so prettily on the Equatorial belt. 

Already my RP accent has slipped and I'm speaking in rapid-fire Malaysian English. Have you seen the slang I've been using on Dayre? My Malaysian is showing lah. 

Abrupt end of blog post because it's 9am (the only reason I'm awake this early is because of jet lag) and I need to forage for food. I'll probably end up tapau-ing (takeaway) chicken rice or wantan mee (wonton noodles) from the food court near my house.

And so begins a month of delicious, cheap street food, pergolekan yang tidak terhingga (endless frolicking), conspicuous consumption, and countless uploads of blue skies, sunshine, and rooftop swimming pools overlooking the urban rainforest that is Kuala Lumpur.

Selamat datang ke Malaysia, tuan tuan dan puan puan! (Welcome to Malaysia, ladies and gentlemen!)



  1. love to read ur blog as always! happy cny kitchen diva lolxx

  2. Have fun in Malaysia! Can't actually imagine the sun and heat right now as London has been so cold for so long....!

    Beth // SANS SOUCI

    1. Hehe thank you! Yes it's mad hot here, even my eyelashes are sweating! x

  3. are you going to be living the "Crazy, Rich, Asian" life for the next month?