Guirado Design

January 20, 2014
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“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” One of my favourite quotes by Oscar Wilde, I often used it as a convenient rebuke during my 'art school fauxhemian' days whenever anyone derided my questionable sartorial choices.

Guirado Design scarves are the best of both options, being literal works of art---Spanish surrealist Juan Antonio Guirado's paintings reworked by his daughter Catalina---to be worn. Wilde would be proud.

I brought my two new scarves up to the sky beach on the roof of Verve Suites. It was an overcast day and the skies were not a dazzling blue but rather a hazy grey as city skies tend to be. An occupational hazard that comes with a beach on the top of a tower, oh the perils of urban life.

Stock images. Happiness = expectation - reality.

But I barely noticed the gloomy weather, I was too distracted by the dazzling colours of the scarves and the mesmerising textures that brought to mind reflections on water, agate, and marble.

Thank you Guirado Design for bringing this bit of beauty in my life.

Guirado Design scarves, wallpaper, and prints are available to buy at The Clerkenwell Collection, a gorgeous little gallery and retail space in Farringdon that also carries other brands; among them Bespoke HQ suits, jewellery, Bailey Nelson glasses, and also does wine tastings.


  1. ABSO LOVE the green Guirado scarf!!!! You've great taste Jasiminne!!

    1. Thank you Chrisy! Aren't the scarves so pretty? I wanted the red skull one but they didn't have any! :( :D